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In the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition, which ended soon, vipassy wardrobe made a wonderful debut with its new products. It doesn't matter if you miss the wardrobe exhibition. Xiaobian will immediately send you a beautiful picture of the new vibes

modern families pay more and more attention to the choice of household products. Four sets of new products of vibes wardrobe gained a good reputation at the 5th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition. But those little friends who didn't go to the wardrobe exhibition were worried, and they always asked the editor to show the beautiful pictures. Today, when our products were published in the magazine, the editor also shared these four meidada products to everyone, so that everyone had a good time

Vintage series

renza cloakroom

simple colors, solemn colors, luxurious but not publicized, luxurious details, grand momentum, showing a noble and extraordinary demeanor, using technology, color and modeling to show a noble and decent life taste and a stable and atmospheric life style, perfectly interpreting the unique charm of vintage furniture

renza Dynasty bedroom

trace back to traditional crafts, restore classical texture, exquisite classical carvings, show noble beauty, and outline the traces of history. The structure is well arranged, and the multi-level exquisite modeling shows the delicacy and luxury of the space, realizing multi-function storage, and creating a neoclassical style and tasteful life for you

modern fashion series

Bihai Yinsha bookcase

uses simple and smooth lines as design elements, with classic gray and white tones. The simple lines integrate classic white and gray, revealing a simple, fashionable modern sense. The functional design of the folding bed and desk enables a more perfect balance between the layout and function of the study space

simple European series

Nordic style tatami

soft colors with exquisite carvings, simple but elegant, make the space more romantic and warm; The super strong storage system design adds a large amount of storage space, so that the room can bid farewell to chaos, return to pure pragmatism, and easily create a comfortable and warm home life for you





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