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A college entrance examination affects not only the hearts of thousands of parents, but also the nerves of people from all walks of life, including you and me. Because we have experienced it, we feel the same outside

a college entrance examination not only affects the hearts of thousands of parents

but also affects the nerves of people from all walks of life

including you and me

because I have experienced

, I feel the same outside feeling

and now it coincides with the college entrance examination

it is also the Dragon Boat Festival season

there are dates dumplings in ancient times, which means that the first prize in early and middle times

there are high dumplings today, Allegorical high school top student

June 7 - June 9

bangyuan famous craftsman helps the college entrance examination

cheer for students

time tick turned the whole point of the college entrance examination

at this moment, you

must be ready to go

at this moment, we

have a thousand words to tell you

you are not fighting alone

you have nothing to do.In the external world when you look up in your spare time,

many people use ways you don't know

fight with you

the noise of square dancing is gone

dancing aunt silently puts on headphones

in order to let you sleep a little longer

may also be afraid of disturbing your morning reading

or just want to create a quiet way to school for you

the steaming breakfast just came out of the pot is given to you first

because the aunt who sells breakfast saw you running across the road

in a hurry

because of strangers in line.Willing to be humble

you are busy when you are cooking Reading

may not pay attention

the aunt of the canteen quietly added you an extra spoonful of meat

eat more

to have the strength to learn

the outside world is not irrelevant to you

the younger martial brothers and sisters who are not familiar with you

are cheering for you

send one session to another

is a tacit understanding without words

and the parents who silently accompany you outside the room

every nag you don't care about

may be what they just learned from books

I don't know what to do

but I want to do everything for you

keep calm and don't be nervous. You have to believe that

good things will always come

but you can't guess in what form it will come

the world won't favor

anyone who gets something for nothing

of course,

won't disappoint any one who works hard

every fall

climb.Get up and be stronger

every time Pain

if you survive, you will be excellent yourself

go to battle light

because fate is in your hands

college entrance examination warm message

1 Don't forget documents, 2b pencils and the distance of hope

2 I am confident, I succeed

3 Don't let go of every omission, don't give up every hope

4 Don't panic before the exam, calmly respond during the exam, and stop talking after the exam

5 Enter the examination room with confidence, first easy, then difficult questions


may you have the pride of Xiake taking the sword into the sheath at the moment you close the pen cover

may 2019 candidates achieve ideal results

college entrance examination, come on

boy, come on

bangyuan famous craftsman wishes candidates in advance " Golden list Title "

bangyuan famous craftsman is also here for the Dragon Boat Festival " Offer a gift "

from May 30 to June 10

the Dragon Boat Festival is in progress

please come




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