Southern Pearl 89 square meter two room temperamen

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Home is like a person, and people are also like home. In fact, the appearance of home outlined in the hearts of people of different ages, different personalities, and even different growth experiences and living habits is naturally different. As the leader of modern popular home decoration style, mix and match style has always been popular, especially among young people. Ms. Xiong of the Pearl of southern China recently asked through the decoration bidding to ask the editor to recommend a fashionable hybrid style model room that shows temperament. For this reason, the editor repeatedly selected and sorted out the following effect pictures. Go and have a look at it quickly

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mixed style living room:

such a living room full of strong mixed flavor, with American TV cabinets, French sofas, Chinese coffee tables, European single chairs, all of which seem to be superimposed with unrelated elements, but have unspeakable coordination. Isn't this what life needs? More rich, more wonderful

mixed style living room:

in addition to color matching, the tea table and TV cabinet in the living room are also a big attraction. The wood colored solid wood TV cabinet is calm and gives a sense of texture. The exquisite wooden tea table seems to precipitate a retro feeling, even in a small space, it also makes people feel warm




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