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At present, it is the peak decoration season in Guangzhou, and many new owners finish the decoration before spring in order to move their new houses for the new year. Industry experts remind that when the decoration is completed in winter, we should pay attention to the following five matters:

1. Do a good job in indoor air pollution control. As the ventilation degree during construction in winter is not as good as that in other seasons, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in decoration materials such as large core board and wood floor volatilize greatly, which is easy to cause the concentration of harmful substances to exceed the standard. For newly decorated houses, the owners should control the indoor decoration pollution before moving in. It is recommended to ask a qualified indoor air inspection department to conduct an air inspection before moving in. If it is unqualified, it is necessary for workers to rework to prevent hidden dangers. After check-in, you can adopt green plants to let flowers, plants and water absorb some harmful gases

2. Due to the dry air in winter and the large temperature difference in Guangzhou, after the decoration, the owner can put a basin of clean water in each room to increase the indoor humidity and prevent cracks on the wall, top and furniture from drying too quickly

3. During the acceptance, focus on checking whether the joints, stickers and stickers in the construction meet the requirements and whether there has been cracking, and reach an agreement with the decoration company on the details of after-sales warranty. Whether the floor has obvious gaps and unevenness, and whether the joint between the floor and the baseboard is close. You can walk slowly in each room. Since the wood floor should be properly seamed in winter, a reasonable gap is acceptable

4. Although opening windows for ventilation is conducive to dispersing harmful substances such as formaldehyde and drying the paint, the low outdoor temperature in winter will deteriorate the latex paint, poor adhesion, and even pulverization. The latex paint walls that are not completely dry after decoration are easy to freeze, and the walls are easy to change color after spring. Ventilation is necessary, but the emulsion paint will deteriorate below 5 ℃, so if the weather is cold, it is best to open the window in a warm afternoon

5. Winter involves the Spring Festival holiday, and many decoration companies propose to settle the project funds before the year in order to avoid "alternate year accounts". At this time, the owner should first give full consideration, but at the same time, the end of the year is a busy season for all walks of life. The owner must take time to carefully check the decoration accounts and then calculate. Reporter Yan Jiasen

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