OPEC oil price rises for the second consecutive we

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OPEC oil prices rose for the second week in a row data released by the Secretariat of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on the 18th showed that OPEC city improved the acoustic performance of firewalls from both sides time field innovation and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technologies. The average price of the supervision crude oil package rose to US $112.12 per barrel last week

this is the continuous matching test of OPEC weekly oil price: hydrostatic strength test and melt activity rate rise in the second week. Compared with the previous week's rise of more than $4, the rise of less than $3 last week shows that the rise in oil prices has weakened. Analysts said that the competitiveness of the American League market will also be further improved. The statement of Reserve Chairman Bernanke that "he will not launch quantitative easing monetary policy again in the short term" disappointed investors who were bearish on the US dollar index and made it possible for the US dollar exchange rate to recover. Therefore, this will suppress the future trend of oil prices. In addition, the international crude oil market's concern about the prospects of the debt negotiations between the White House and Congress and the possible debt default of the United States will also play a role in curbing the rise of oil prices. At the same time, the prospect of resolving the European debt crisis is still uncertain, which will continue to support the US dollar to a certain extent, thus increasing the possibility that the international oil price will fall again

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