Opening of the 16th South China Automation Exhibit

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The 16th South China Automation Exhibition opened on June 20, the 16th South China Automation Exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the most popular automation event in South China (4) to maximize the braking force, this exhibition covers an exhibition area of 28000 square meters. More than 500 Chinese and foreign automation enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions participate in this exhibition. The three-day exhibition is expected to attract more than 30000 professional visitors

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with the acceleration of industrial upgrading, economic restructuring and the rapid rise of China's labor costs, China's manufacturing industry has significantly increased its demand and investment in automation technology. The most obvious one is the growing demand for industrial robots in the manufacturing industry. It can be predicted that industrial robots will usher in a golden era of development. This point can be fully explained from this South China Automation Exhibition. Whether it is self-produced or acting as an agent, many exhibitors showed that the number of patent applications in the industrial machine biomedical materials industry that meet the manufacturing needs of customers ranked among the top 10, with a total of 392 applications in 2014. The demonstration robots on the booths of NBK, robostar, all for all, e-con, bomeide and other enterprises attracted the audience to surround them

as an important part of the industrial automation system, the machine vision zone is also a highlight and feature of the South China Automation Exhibition. The South China Automation Exhibition is also becoming a must for expanding China's machine vision market. Kangnaishi, a well-known enterprise in the field of machine vision, has been in full swing, presenting the audience with a wonderful demonstration of its readable machine vision system, which attracted the audience to stop and enjoy

this exhibition is also a good platform for new product release. Kangnaishi, laoyitest electronics, research control, Jiale and other enterprises have brought the latest products and automation solutions. Mitsubishi Electric has newly released its high-performance, high-precision, high reliability, high cost performance and localized Longhe series L700 frequency converter. With a wide range of professional uses and advanced control, L700 provides perfect applications for customers in printing and packaging, cable, textile printing and dyeing, rubber tire, logistics machinery and other industries

in this exhibition, the China industrial control industrial control product experience center once again launched a heavy attack. With the products of seven enterprises, it provided the audience with on-site experience and registration opportunities with a booth of 54 square meters, triggering a wave of orange storm, which became a major feature of this exhibition. On site, Siemens LOGO! Intelligent logic controller, Weilun emt3000 series high-end HMI, meggitt PLC, keens PLC, Dagong computer control PLC, Horner integrated controller and Saiyuan PLC remote control products have become the objects of many spectators. Consultation, hands-on play, filling in application forms for application or replacement of components and parts, and free experience of industrial control products have won strong attention and unanimous appreciation from the audience

South China Automation Exhibition has been successfully held for 15 times. This exhibition is the first time that Guangdong exhibition promotion Co., Ltd. and Hannover Milanese Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly hold it. The resource integration of strong cooperation also makes South China Automation Exhibition one of the top automation exhibitions in Asia

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