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The organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said on Wednesday that the global demand for OPEC crude oil in 2015 is expected to fall to the lowest level in more than a decade, and is far lower than the current output, indicating that if OPEC does not reduce production or the shale oil exploration boom in the United States does not cool down, there will be a serious surplus of low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pumps for supply pumps

opec said in its monthly report that it is expected that the global daily demand for OPEC crude oil will drop to 28.92 million barrels in 2015, 280000 barrels lower than the previous estimate, and more than 1million barrels less than the current output

opec decided last month not to cut production in order to support prices. Saudi Arabia, OPEC's main crude oil exporter, urged member states to fight against the growth of us shale oil. U.S. shale oil continues to erode OPEC's market share, but shale oil needs a relatively high oil price, which is profitable from an economic point of view

opec's decisive low-frequency fatigue control on November 27 to maintain the output target of 30million barrels is bound to hit the oil price sharply. On Wednesday, lcoc1 of Brent crude oil traded below $66 a barrel, close to a five-year low, with a decline of more than 40% since June

affected by the weak economic prospects in Europe and Asia, the report lowered its forecast for global crude oil demand growth in 2015; It also predicted that the supply growth of shale oil and other non OPEC countries would accelerate, but said that if prices remained weak, these supply growth might slow down

"if the current weakness in crude oil prices continues for a longer time, it will affect the supply forecast of non OPEC countries in 2015 for the construction of regional tropical agricultural products trading and logistics center and cold chain transportation demonstration base, especially the expectation of shale oil growth." OPEC reported

however, the current OPEC report shows that the daily crude oil supply will be 1.13 million barrels in excess in 2015, and 1.83 million barrels in excess in the first half of the year. According to other sources cited in the report, OPEC produced 30.05 million barrels per day in November

based on the December report published by OPEC every year, the average demand for OPEC crude oil next year is expected to drop to the lowest since 2004, when it was 28.15 million barrels per day

according to the data from other sources, the daily output of OPEC countries in November decreased by 390000 barrels compared with that in October. The instability in Libya led to the largest decline in output, while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait reduced production slightly

Saudi Arabia told OPEC that it reduced crude oil production by 80000 barrels per day in November. According to industry sources earlier this month, this may be due to the reduction of domestic power plant demand rather than the reduction of exports

opec expects that the supply of non OPEC countries will increase by 1.36 million barrels a day in 2015, and the United States will take the lead. The valuation has increased by 120000 barrels compared with the report last month

opec also reduced the global daily demand for crude oil in 2015 by 70000 barrels to 1.12 million barrels

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