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The curtain of comprehensive investigation on large energy resource bases opens

strive to build a batch of mineral exploration and development bases in 8-10 years to reshape the pattern of mineral exploration and development. This is the goal clearly put forward by the State Council through the implementation of the strategic action outline for breakthrough in prospecting (year)

coincidentally, the national mineral resources planning (year) recently released by the Ministry of land and resources also clearly points out that 103 energy resource bases should be built as the strategic core area to ensure the safe supply of national resources, and vigorously promote the development of resource scale and industrial agglomeration by comprehensively considering resource endowment, development and utilization conditions, environmental carrying capacity, regional industrial layout and other factors

what is a large energy resource base? Why build a large energy resource base? Why should a comprehensive geological survey be carried out in the energy resource base until the cast iron specimen is pressurized until the specimen is damaged? What is the specific content of the investigation? It is reported that the China Geological survey recently held a seminar on large-scale energy resource bases in Chengdu, and discussed the definition, connotation and extension of large-scale energy resource bases, the work contents and standards of comprehensive investigation of energy resource bases and the future work direction

the participants agreed that the meeting was held shortly after the official release of the national mineral resources planning (year), which was of great practical significance; The idea of comprehensive investigation of large-scale energy resource bases is highly innovative and forward-looking, and will have a far-reaching impact on mineral geological investigation

the construction of energy and resources base is of great significance.

as we all know, resource security is an important support for national security and also the support for security in other fields. The core of resource security is to ensure the sufficient, stable and sustainable supply of various important resources

energy resource base is the main carrier to ensure the security of national resources, providing a large number of necessary industrial raw materials and products for national economic construction, national defense military industry and high-tech industry. By cultivating and building energy resource bases, we can not only continuously discover new mineral resources and enrich our resources, but also lead downstream industries, promote technological progress, expand the national economy and improve people's living standards

not long ago, zhongziran, member of the Party group of the Ministry of land and resources, director and Secretary of the Party group of the China Geological Survey, stressed in his speech at the China Geological Survey scientific and Technological Innovation Conference and the academic seminar commemorating the centennial of China Geological Survey: "on the basis of exploring the metallogenic law, evaluating the resource potential and prospecting prospect, the mineral geological survey should strengthen the general evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility and environmental impact of the resource base."

at the large-scale energy resource base seminar, Lijinfa, deputy director of China Geological Survey, expounded the great significance of energy resource base construction from four aspects: the requirements of energy resource security, the requirements of resource conservation and intensive utilization, the requirements of developing green mining, and the requirements of promoting high-end utilization

Lijinfa specifically mentioned that the construction of ecological civilization requires the use of resources in an intensive, economical and environment-friendly manner to ensure the coordinated and sustainable supply of resources. Through the construction of energy resource bases and the opening of large-scale mines, we can effectively curb and solve the problems of extensive mining methods, backward mining technology and low comprehensive utilization rate, promote the centralized development and effective protection of mineral resources, improve the level of conservation, intensification and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, and realize the large-scale, economical and intensive utilization of resources

"to develop green mining is to optimize the development of mineral resources and minimize the impact on the ecological environment. We should carry out the construction of energy resources bases, promote green exploration and development, meet the requirements of ecological civilization construction, strengthen the integration of resource development and ecological protection, develop Jinshan and Yinshan while retaining green waters and mountains, and realize the coordinated development of resource development and utilization and ecological environment protection." Lijinfa said that through the construction of energy resource bases, the resource industry will be promoted from big to strong, the level of resource utilization and deep processing will be continuously improved, the high-end utilization of mineral resources will be effectively promoted, and the resource advantages will be transformed into technical and economic advantages; Speed up the transformation and structural adjustment. In accordance with the requirements of the alliance between the University of Sunderland and five research institutions from Italy, Spain and Germany, the university plans the layout of upstream and downstream industries, promotes the safety of the whole industrial chain of resources, and provides strong support for resource security

comprehensive investigation and comprehensive evaluation put on the agenda

this meeting has sent an important signal that comprehensive investigation and comprehensive evaluation of large energy resource bases will be the focus of mineral geological investigation in the coming period

carrying out comprehensive geological survey on resource availability of large-scale mineral resource bases with the same control function is the need to transform prospecting results into economic advantages, to ensure the smooth implementation of a series of major national strategies, to optimize China's resource development pattern, to manage the development of mineral resources in large-scale resource bases, and to improve the efficiency of China's mineral resource development and utilization It is necessary to realize the green development of mineral resources

however, it must be frankly faced that the research on large energy resource bases is still in the exploratory stage, and the definition, division principles and definition standards of energy resource bases have not yet fully formed a consensus. The resources, development and utilization, industrial layout and other relevant conditions have not been systematically sorted out from the perspective of resource base; The contents and standards of comprehensive investigation and evaluation of large energy resource bases need to be improved; Regional differences should be comprehensively considered in the classification and division of large energy resource bases; The relationship between the comprehensive investigation and zoning of the energy resources base and the 24 strategic minerals determined in the mineral resources planning needs to be further studied

at the meeting, the delegates discussed the principles for delimiting exploration and development bases and the classification of mineral resources exploration and development bases, and formed a preliminary opinion - the deposits in the base occur in groups, with at least one super large deposit or five large deposits. The resource reserves or resource potential in the base is large, and it is feasible to develop in terms of technology and economy at present or in the future. The sustainable supply of resources has reached a certain number of years. Its stable resource supply has a very important impact on the domestic mineral product market and greatly promotes the regional economic and social development. The resources in the base are concentrated. The base and its surrounding areas have formed or may form an industrial agglomeration trend with large mines and smelting and processing enterprises, or a mine agglomeration trend with leading mining enterprises. The base and its surrounding areas have the environmental carrying capacity corresponding to the exploration and development of economies of scale. The main minerals in the base have certain market demand and conform to the relevant national industrial planning. The base and its surrounding areas have or are expected to have water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure conditions for large-scale development

according to the delegates, mineral resource bases can be divided into exploration bases, development bases, reserve bases, etc

ecological environment geological survey plays an important role

it must be mentioned that this comprehensive survey of large energy resource bases is not only to carry out regional survey and mine survey in the region, but also to promote the ecological environment geological survey in the region to an important position

according to the relevant person in charge of the resource evaluation department of the China Geological Survey, based on the previous research results, they put forward the definition, connotation, extension and the content of comprehensive investigation and comprehensive evaluation of large-scale energy resource bases, and determined that 1:50000 regional geological survey, 1:50000 mineral geological survey, 1:50000 environmental geological survey The comprehensive utilization investigation of mineral resources, the general technical and economic evaluation and the environmental impact assessment of development and utilization are the main contents of the comprehensive investigation of the energy resources base

according to the introduction, the comprehensive investigation of large-scale energy resource bases will not only carry out the investigation on the occurrence characteristics of resources and the current situation and geological conditions of resources such as main minerals, associated resources and other resources, but also carry out the investigation and prediction on the current situation of land, vegetation and distribution, meteorology, industrial and agricultural production and residential land distribution, the ecological impact of mine sites and wastes, the current situation of secondary geological disasters in mine development Predict the impact of hazards and residual components

the above person in charge disclosed that in the next step, the China Geological Survey will give full play to the leading role of geological survey and provide scientific support for the construction of energy resources base

first, carry out systematic zoning research on energy resource bases. Based on the strategic research of mineral resources, according to the distribution characteristics and endowment characteristics of China's mineral resources, carry out research on the zoning of energy resources bases, scientifically divide energy resources bases, and compile energy resources base atlas by minerals, so as to provide decision-making reference for the national mineral resources planning and industrial layout

the second is to comprehensively deploy geological survey around the energy resource base. Formulate the work plan for comprehensive geological survey of mineral resources, guide the geological survey engineering and project deployment, carry out comprehensive survey of large-scale energy resource bases, find out the geological, mineral, hydraulic environment, technical and economic conditions and comprehensive utilization, and promote the construction of energy resource bases

the third is to strengthen the comprehensive evaluation, technical and economic evaluation and environmental impact evaluation of different minerals in the large-scale energy resource base. Actively promote the exploration of oil and uranium, coal and uranium, oil and potassium, and potassium gas; Explore comprehensive investigation and evaluation of bulk minerals and strategic emerging mineral resources, conventional energy and unconventional energy; Strengthen the economic and technical evaluation of mineral resources and the environmental impact evaluation of mine development and utilization, promote the economic and efficient and environmental protection mining of mineral resources, and provide support and services for the construction of green mines

fourth, focus on cultivating a number of new energy resource bases. According to the national development strategy and industrial layout, relying on the breakthrough in mineral exploration and guided by deep earth exploration, a number of new energy resource bases will be cultivated and promoted in a planned and purposeful way to lay a foundation for the protection and rational utilization of energy resources

"on the basis of comprehensively summarizing the results of geological and Mineral Investigation and evaluation, a number of emerging large-scale energy resource bases have been preliminarily sorted out, including huoshaoyun lead-zinc mine in Hotan, Xinjiang, Xiaxia hamu copper nickel mine in Qinghai, methyl kalimanite mine in Sichuan and Songtao manganese mine in Guizhou. The distribution pattern map of national copper and other demonstration mineral resource bases has been prepared to provide support for the next exploration and development planning and deployment." These people said

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