Opening of the 8th Asian robot Championship

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The 8th Asian robot Championship opened with 238 teams competing. The 8th Asian robot Championship opened with 238 teams competing. However, recently, one of the activities of the science and technology cooperation week, the 2014 "Longchang Cup" 8th Asian robot Championship jointly hosted by the municipal government and the Asian robot alliance opened in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. 238 teams from home and abroad participated in the competition. The participating teams and talents have the current computer-controlled electronic control and can search and query various information of the tested styles according to specific conditions. The number of experimental machines in the experimental test result type has reached the highest in the previous robot Asian Championships, including Guancheng Central Primary school and Zhenxing middle school in Changping Town

according to the introduction, this competition includes vex robot engineering challenge, vexiq robot engineering challenge, BDS robot engineering challenge, humanoid robot competition, etc. the winning teams of vex robot engineering challenge and vexiq robot competition will be qualified for the 2015 vex and vexiq Robot World Championships

field direct attack

robot competition "Optimus Prime"

in the competition, the largest number of teams participated in the vex robot engineering challenge

in this challenge, the two United teams (red team and blue team) are each composed of two participating teams. During the competition, there are 10 columns of different heights around the field. The inspection rules mainly need to pay attention to three points. Each united team has a column base. The participating team should raise the column base and put its cube on the column to form "Optimus Prime" to obtain more points than the opponent united team

the author saw at the scene that Guancheng Central Primary School in our city was also one of the participating teams and won two victories in the competition. Xiang Ebang, the coach of the representative team of Guancheng Central Primary School, said that the vex robot competition highlighted the functional design of the mechanical structure and transmission system, and perfectly combined the creative design with the confrontational competition. The competition is very fierce. They mainly train the team

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