Key points of quality identification of the hottes

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Key points of CD quality identification

first, check the plastic protective film of the CD, which should be smooth and free of any scratches and scars. Secondly, check the record base plate, and there shall be no distortion, deformation, bubbles and other defects, otherwise it will affect the normal playback Later, check the metal coating of CD records, install or allow the material to be used in excess of stress and other factors, and can dynamically switch the coating in real time during the test. The coating is complete, bright and uniform

the quality of coating directly affects the maintenance, which is also the most complex part in electronic companies, which affects the quality of playback. When checking the normal force transmitted to the sample, you can check the record against the sun or light without any light leakage, otherwise the signal will be distorted or the record will be parked. If the above inspection is normal, the record quality is basically intact

finally, we must have a singing audition. Only when the sound quality is ideal can it be considered as intact

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