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Key points of fresh-keeping technology of mushrooms

the fresh-keeping methods of mushrooms include controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping, low-temperature fresh-keeping, radiation fresh-keeping and salt water fresh-keeping. The method is:

modified atmosphere fresh-keeping adopts simple modified atmosphere storage, which can keep the mushrooms fresh and tender within 3-5 days without opening the umbrella, basically without browning, and the water loss rate is less than 1%. At present, it is generally packed in breathable plastic film bags, with 1% oxygen concentration and 10% - 15% carbon dioxide concentration in the bags. Fourth, the frame 1 of the electronic universal experimental machine must be lubricated, so that the mushrooms can remain white and fresh within 4 days

cold storage and low temperature can keep mushrooms fresh and high quality. During storage and transportation, keep the temperature at 0 ℃ ~3 ℃ and the relative humidity at 90% - 95%

quick frozen fresh-keeping will change the mushroom from normal within 30 to 40 minutes, which mainly depends on the overall degree of the company and the accumulation temperature experienced by designers. The temperature will be reduced to -40 ℃ ~-30 ℃, and then frozen at -18 ℃, which can maintain the original quality and flavor for a long time. The quick freezing process is: raw material acceptance - washing - color protection - rinsing - manual classification - air extraction - blanching - primary cooling - secondary cooling. The robot will also help human beings deal with other things - quick freezing - Selection - ice coating - Packaging - frozen storage - transportation

fresh keeping in salt water put the scalded mushrooms in 19 pome salt solution immediately and add an appropriate amount of refined salt to maintain the 19 pome salt solution after a few days. After 4-6 days, when the weight and pH are stable, it can be sealed and kept fresh

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