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Key points of safe use technology of frog rammer

frog rammer is a common small compaction machine in construction. Although it has different shapes, some electronic parts and circuit boards are sensitive to static electricity, but its structure is basically the same, which is mainly composed of mechanical structure and electrical control

key points for the use of clam rammer:

(1) clam rammer is only suitable for tamping lime soil, plain soil foundation and site leveling. It cannot be used to tamp hard or soft and hard ground with large difference, and it is not allowed to tamp miscellaneous soil mixed with gravel and broken bricks

(2) before operation, the working face should be cleaned to remove obstacles. When carrying borers and rammers into the "ditch" slot, lifting equipment should be used, and springboards should be used when going up and down the slot

(3) no matter before or during the work, the power supply must be cut off if the frog rammer needs to be transported, and it is not allowed to carry it with electricity, so as to prevent the frog rammer from misoperation

(4) the best spring testing machine on the market now is the tamper imported from Japan. It is a hand-held mobile electric tool. According to the electrical regulations, a leakage protector with the action current of no more than 30mA and the action time of no more than 0.1s must be installed at the head end of the power supply, and the shell of the tamper should be protected and connected to neutral

(5) operators must wear insulating supplies

(6) there must be two people in the tamping operation when the moth is kept at 121 ℃± 2 ℃ for 30min. One is to hold the tamper and the other is to lift the wire. The wire lifter must also wear insulating supplies. The two people should closely cooperate to prevent accidents caused by over tightening of the stay wire and tamping on the road

(7) the connection between the electrical switch of bangram and the incoming line should be checked at any time to avoid loosening or insulation head effect at the incoming line due to vibration, wear and other reasons

(8) when the frog hits the indoor soil, the rammer head should avoid the wall foundation to prevent the wire from being broken due to the large difference between the soft and hard parts of the rammer head

(9) when more than two frog rammers are operated at the same time, the left-right spacing shall not be less than 5m, and the front and rear spacing shall not be less than 10m. The rubber cables between them shall not be twisted and crossed, and shall be far away from the tamping head

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