Key points of purchasing the hottest waterproof co

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Key points of choosing waterproof coating

key points of purchasing waterproof coating

July 20, 2020

the environment in the bathroom is humid for a long time, so the use of waterproof materials is the most important for the decoration of the bathroom, because only the waterproof of the bathroom is done well, can we maintain a good environment in the bathroom, which is very important for us. Today, let's talk about what kind of waterproof paint is good in the bathroom and what are the key points of choosing waterproof paint

which is the best waterproof coating in the bathroom:

1 According to the national legal holiday, the bathroom is a place for long-term water use, so it is normal to say that the bathroom is wet, so it is best to use waterproof paint in the bathroom

2. As we all know, the bathroom environment is humid for a long time, so it is very important to do a good job in the moisture-proof process when the bathroom must be sealed and decorated in the process of work. It is very important to choose the waterproof paint in the bathroom, because the main reason why many toilets are prone to water seepage and leakage is that the waterproof paint used is unqualified. If there is a quality problem in the waterproof project, the water stain will seep into the next room at least, and it will seep downstairs at most, causing serious losses to family and neighbors

2. Waterproof coating is a kind of film, which is formed by coating on the building through chemical reaction. Through this film, the surface of the building is isolated from water, thus playing a waterproof role. At present, there are generally two kinds of waterproof coatings on the market, one is polyurethane waterproof coating, and the other is polymer cement-based waterproof coating in this case

3. The biggest feature of waterproof coating is its good waterproof performance. The waterproof drawing material is resistant to high temperature and low temperature. The high temperature can reach 170 degrees Celsius, and the low temperature to -20 degrees Celsius will not crack; This kind of coating has strong adhesion. It can adhere well to glass, ceramics, plastics and other materials. It will not be layered under the action of external force, and the adhesive force is very strong, which can form an integral waterproof system. In addition, waterproof coating is also an environmental protection coating, non-toxic and tasteless. It will not have a bad effect on people's health

key points for purchase of waterproof coating:

1 The purchase method of waterproof coating, first of all, according to the functional division of the room and the different construction parts, choose waterproof coating. This is the key to waterproof and seepage prevention. If the roof waterproof layer is exposed to nature, exposed to the sun, the wind, the temperature torture of cold and heat, and the temperature difference changes repeatedly, waterproof materials with high tensile strength, large elongation and good aging resistance should be selected

2. If the basement is immersed in water or very wet soil for many years, and the ventilation condition is poor, the waterproof material must have good water resistance, moisture resistance, strong water pressure resistance, environmental protection and no odor. The waterproof of kitchen and bathroom does not require high elongation of materials. The area is small, there are many internal and external corners, and there are many pipes passing through the floor. Ceramic tiles pasted on the waterproof layer of the wall must have good affinity with the adhesive

3. When choosing waterproof products, you should first understand the knowledge about waterproof, such as: manufacturer, address, date of delivery, environmental protection certification, whether it meets the national standard, packaging integrity, construction requirements, etc. In addition, it is best to provide sample comparison, which is more intuitive

it is quite necessary to apply waterproof paint in the bathroom, because the bathroom is a wet place all year round. Therefore, we must do a good job in moisturizing the bathroom, otherwise a series of troubles will occur in life in the future. Therefore, it is very important to choose the waterproof coating used in the bathroom

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