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CNCA: key points of compulsory certification of plastic bags and lunch boxes for food

China National Certification and Accreditation Administration has included plastic bags and plastic lunch boxes for food packaging in the key work of compulsory certification this year. It is expected that some compulsory certification provisions on plastic packaging of food will be issued in April and may. " This was revealed by Dong Jinshi, vice chairman of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee and head of China environmental protection tableware joint organization if the processing cycle is too long, in an interview yesterday. This will be the first market access but high profit compulsory certification system for food plastic packaging products enterprises in China, which will have a significant impact on plastic packaging production enterprises

according to Dong Jinshi, after the two sessions of the National People's Congress, the issue of food safety has once again attracted widespread attention of the Chinese people, and the issue of food packaging, known as' special food additives', has also attracted the attention of relevant national departments. The CNCA has extended its scope of work to food packaging. In view of the serious and concentrated safety problems of disposable plastic tableware and plastic food bags, CNCA will first include these two plastic packaging products in the scope of compulsory certification. The detailed rules of the compulsory certification system for plastic bags for food and disposable plastic tableware are still under discussion. 4. The revision of the use theory of computers will be published in April or may. If the certification system can be successfully implemented, all plastic bag and disposable plastic tableware enterprises must pass this certification, and those enterprises that fail to pass the certification will be ordered to stop production

it is understood that at present, the biggest safety problem of plastic food bags and disposable plastic tableware is to add recycled materials and too much talc and other fillers, so that the content of evaporation residues and harmful heavy metals of products exceeds the standard. Although China has formulated and implemented the measures for the hygienic management of plastic products and raw materials for food since 1990, and has successively passed a series of national standards such as the hygienic standards for polyethylene, polypropylene, vinylidene chloride vinyl chloride copolymer resin, polyethylene terephthalate resin and its food containers and packaging materials for food packaging. However, the implementation of these standards is difficult because the law enforcement subject is not clear and some provisions are vague

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