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Ministry of land and resources: ten key points of land and resources work in 2017

recently, the Ministry of land and resources issued the "key points of land and resources work in 2017", targeting ten goals and tasks of land and resources work this year

specifically include:

first, promote the supply side structural reform, actively promote the removal of production capacity, address both the symptoms and root causes, remove inventory, take multiple measures to reduce costs, and take extraordinary measures to help eradicate poverty

the second is to improve the guarantee ability of land and resources, ensure major infrastructure construction, support the development of key industries, improve the regulation mechanism of real estate land, promote regional coordinated development, promote the construction of new urbanization, and strengthen land space planning

third, promote major reforms in the field of land and resources, comprehensively promote the three pilot projects of rural land system reform, further promote the reform of natural resource management system, and deepen the reform of "decentralization, management and service"

fourth, the implementation of the scientific and technological innovation war is not applicable to the wide sample strategy, and the implementation of the "three depths and one soil" task can be promoted. The functions of real-time display, amplification, comparison and traversal of experimental curves such as load time, load displacement, displacement time and deformation time can be selected, as well as the monitoring of experimental process, so as to build a scientific and technological innovation platform and team, and strengthen the support and guarantee of innovation services

fifth, innovate the farming protection mechanism, strengthen the "Trinity" management and protection of the quantity, quality and ecology of cultivated land, promote the special protection of permanent basic farmland, and strengthen the assessment of provincial farming protection objectives

sixth, coordinate the exploration, development and protection of mineral resources, promote the key tasks of the third phase of the strategic action of mineral exploration breakthrough, do a good job in urban geological work, and promote international cooperation in mining

seventh, promote resource conservation and intensive utilization, and promote pilot demonstration

eighth, safeguard the rights and interests of people's resources, strengthen the protection of real estate rights and interests, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of land requisitioned farmers, and strengthen the prevention and control of land disasters

The ninth is to promote the construction of land ruled by law, accelerate the major legislative process of land and resources, comprehensively promote the openness of government affairs, strengthen law enforcement and supervision, and fully perform the duties of land supervision

10. Implement the comprehensive and strict governance of the party and carry out the "implementation year" activity, up to 36; Smoke density SDR ≤ 25 technical parameters for strengthening the construction of party conduct and clean government and the construction of cadre team:

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