On November 25th, the hottest day, we will make an

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Early comment on November 25: PTA with improved external environment may continue to rise

Zhengzhou PTA futures closed slightly higher on the 24th. The main 1105 contract closed at 9724 yuan/ton, up 16 yuan. Driven by the rebound of crude oil in the electronic disk and the overall recovery of the domestic market, the futures price closed up slightly. However, the market is still worried that the Central Bank continues to tighten liquidity and the downstream purchasing atmosphere continues to be depressed, limiting the rise of futures prices. One by one, crude oil rose above $83 overnight, and PTA is expected to rebound

the settlement price of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose on the 24th, reversing the previous trend of falling to $80. Traders were encouraged by the latest report indicating an improvement in the outlook for the U.S. economy. The settlement price of NYMEX crude oil futures contract in January rose $2.61 to $83.86 a barrel, or 3.2%, the largest one-day percentage increase in four months. Ice Brent crude oil futures rose $2.59 to $85.84 a barrel

in terms of data, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on the 24th that after adjusting for seasonal factors, orders for durable goods in October fell by 3.3% to US $196.05 billion. This is the largest monthly decline since January 2009 and the second decline in three months. However, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on the 24th that after adjusting for seasonal factors, the sales of pre-sale houses in October fell by 8.1% from the previous month, equivalent to an annual rate of 283000 units. This is the fourth decline in the index in the past six months. According to the report on the 24th, the final value of the Reuters/University of Michigan consumer confidence index rose to 71.6 in November, with an initial value of 69.3, and the final value of the index in October was 67.7

the closing price of Asia PX on the 23rd was 1266 50 US dollars/ton FOB Korea, 1281 US $50/ton CFR Taiwan, down US $13 from the previous day

in terms of spot goods, the atmosphere of the PTA Market in East China is stabilizing. A small number of offers in the market are around 9650 yuan/ton. The owner of the goods regrets that it benefits from low-density sales at a low price. The mainstream negotiation in the market is around yuan/ton, and the firm offer is light. The PTA spot market in Asia is slightly higher, and the offer of Taiwan products in the market is 1185 to ensure that the qualified products leave the factory in US dollars/ton. The negotiation is around us dollars/ton, and the negotiation of Korean goods is around us dollars/ton. The firm offer is light

in the downstream, due to the gradual clarity of the settlement price of raw materials at the end of the month, Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester are more stable, some factories have dropped by one to two hundred, and the POY of individual factories has dropped by five hundred. The downstream weaving industry as a whole is on the sidelines and purchases cautiously. The production and sales of polyester yarn in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are generally in general, most of them are finished, and some of the downstream are tentatively replenished. Some of the factories with low prices have%, and some of them are 200% or more

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