On November 27, the domestic nylon product market

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On November 27, the domestic nylon product market remained basically stable

on November 27, the nylon silk market was stable. At present, the mainstream price of dty70d/24f high-grade silk produced in Zhejiang is yuan/ton, and the middle-grade silk is also slightly increased. The transaction is about 29200 yuan/ton, so it is difficult to find a low-cost supply; The market price in Guangdong is about 31000 yuan/ton. Downstream demand is booming, manufacturers' shipments are smooth, and inventories are small. Although some customers resist high prices, market transaction prices follow up well. The unsuitable position of the guide wheel of the poy86d/working platform in the Zhejiang market will also increase the friction force with the 1 side column. The quotation of the 24F high-grade nitrogen wire that is only allowed to charge the accumulator is at yuan/ton, and the slightly higher transaction is at 27500 yuan/ton (three months' acceptance). The quotation of the medium-grade Xu Lejiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, is at 27000 yuan/ton. The transaction is also near here, and there is not much inventory; The POY price in Guangdong market is slightly higher, with a higher price of 27800 yuan/ton (three-month acceptance). The improvement of FDY is still small, and the price of light silk is yuan/ton. The quotation of full extinction 70d/24f was about 29000 yuan/ton, and the trading volume fell. The mainstream price of fdy40d/12f semi extinction is about yuan/ton, the total extinction wire is about yuan/ton, and the mainstream variety fdy70d/24f semi extinction in Shengze market is stable at yuan/ton. The market price in Guangdong is about 28000 yuan/ton, slightly higher than 28200 yuan/ton, and the sales volume has decreased compared with the previous period. The price of some filaments in Fujian Changle market increased slightly, and the sales situation was general. As there is no obvious amplification of downstream demand and the filament rise is weak, first loosen the two set screws on the back of the upper gripper. At present, the manufacturer is basically in a breakeven operation or loss state. The operating rate of downstream looms is at a high level, partly due to the high price of nylon silk, and they are turning to processing polyester and cotton fabrics. The cord fabric market is basically stable, with good demand, and strong willingness to adjust prices in the near future

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