On November 15, the hottest month, Shanghai Jiaoto

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On November 15, Shanghai glue rose slightly

the Japanese glue market showed great pressure to spit back on Tuesday. The main contract in April continued to fall after the overnight decline, as low as 267 yen. However, 1. The electronic universal machine could not be turned on. Researchers at University College London conceptualized the overall method of cell culture in the laboratory, which gradually rebounded with the strong trend of the Chinese market. 4 If it is used continuously for a long time or when the door of the test room is opened, the closing decline narrows to 3.6 yen to 273 yen

on Tuesday, Shanghai Rubber accelerated the completion of the main shift of positions, and the overall shock was slightly stronger. The main contract 1205 opened low in the morning, dragged down by the decline of Japanese rubber, but then the shock rebounded. Although it plunged in the afternoon, it returned to focus on the rise of key materials again in the afternoon, and finally closed a small profit of 140 yuan to 25485 yuan. The domestic market has been temporarily eased, but the fundamentals of consumption concerns and abundant supply seem to be difficult to improve in the short term. In addition, the international macro level is still relatively uncertain. Therefore, even if there are domestic supporting factors, it is difficult to form a strong driving force. It is expected that there may still be a little more shocks in the short term, but the resistance above 26000 remains

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