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Robots will be more engaged in repetitive work in automated production

robot technology is becoming more and more mature, and the era of high automation replacing a large number of repetitive work is not far away from us. However, media including the new york times are also worried that robots will cause a large number of human unemployment. On this point, MIT has a rich background and experience in the manufacturing industry chain, and is committed to the revitalization of the manufacturing industry, Jim, who is currently the product marketing director of rethinkrobotics, an automated production robot manufacturer? Jim Lawton disagreed

at present, the manufacturing industry accounts for only 12% of the U.S. economy, but the manufacturing industry has received considerable attention from U.S. President Barack Obama. The reason is that past experience shows that the manufacturing industry has a multiplier effect: every dollar of manufacturing output value generates $1.33 of help to other sectors of the overall economy. In terms of employment, every manufacturing job can drive 1.5 to 3 related jobs, which is also the main reason why Barack Obama actively promotes the return of manufacturing

but Jim? Lotton put forward a "truth we don't want to face": according to Forbes' statistics, there are 200000 manufacturing jobs in the United States that can't be found. According to the estimate of diligent Zhongxin (Delo overseas expansion ushers in an important turning point itte), the gap will expand to 2million by 2025. The reason is very simple. The next generation in the United States just doesn't want these jobs

automated production robots replace repetitive work

not only the traditional labor-intensive manufacturing industry, but also the electronics industry, Jim? Lotton pointed out that the workers in large electronic factories worked three shifts and examined small chips with a microscope. This is a job that machines are good at, not a job that humans should do. He questioned that Americans would not want to do this kind of work, let alone let their children and grandchildren still do this kind of work. Of course, maybe he asked the wrong person to solve the problem of small things called by the big management station. If he asked the Taiwanese, maybe more people would rush to do it. However, whether you want to do it or not, the current mode of manufacturing cannot last forever

human beings are responsible for creating value and reducing costs

Jabil technology, the world's third largest electronic contract manufacturing service provider (EMS), believes that the current mode of manufacturing industry using low-cost labor to disperse the production chain around the world will change. In order to increase the added value of the manufacturing industry, the production center must be closer to the design and innovation center and the market. The manufacturing and design center are located in the same place, In order to integrate the design concept and manufacturing process more accurately, the design center must be close to the market in order to immediately reflect the needs of the market. Therefore, the future factory will no longer be super large-scale, producing boring and globally consistent products, but will be smaller, closer to consumers, and operated by regional talents

the United States is moving in this direction, such as Obama promoting the national network for manufacturing innovation (NNMI), and establishing many manufacturing innovation centers in the United States, such as the digitalmanufacturinganddesigninnovationinstitute (dmdii) in Chicago and the University of Illinois, According to the development orientation of national economic and Technological Development Zone and modern ecological Binjiang New City, the federal government of the United States has invested 70million US dollars and private investment of 200million US dollars out of Jiangnan industrial concentration area, and plans to bring the manufacturing industry of the United States into the digital era

to carry out such a manufacturing transformation, we must bring the manufacturing center back to the United States from a country with low wages. The only way to compare wages with developing countries is to improve automation and let machines do what people have done in recent years, Jim? Lotton asked Americans to face the reality: repetitive work will only numb human beings. It is time to eliminate mechanical work, rather than protect it. In the past, there were hundreds of such jobs in the production chain, which was not suitable for reluctantly training human beings to improve these jobs

Jim? Lotton believes that we should rethink the definition of work, and let robots perform highly repetitive and low skilled jobs. Human beings play the role of creating value and reducing costs for consumers, and take on jobs that require cognitive skills and creativity and contribute to product innovation and competitive value. These jobs make the manufacturing industry and the entire industrial ecosystem grow and thrive and are beneficial to the overall economy

Jim? Although lotton's view is aimed at the United States, Taiwan also faces many similar industrial problems. Perhaps it is time for Taiwanese to rethink the definition of work

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