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Current situation and development direction of pharmaceutical paper barrels (Part I)

almost all the bulk drug powders in China's pharmaceutical industry are packaged in paper barrels. Different volumes can be selected according to the different varieties of pharmaceutical intermediate powders and lined with plastic packaging bags, so as to facilitate weighing and transportation. Compared with steel drums, paper drums have the advantages of anti-static, light weight, easy recovery, short processing cycle and low cost because of their high strength, elasticity and no pollution. They are widely used in chemical industry, grain, medicine, local products, five metals, minerals, building materials, electromechanical and military supplies

1. Current situation of barrel production

Kevin, a partner of mujin min, told reporters that there are more than 200 paper barrel manufacturers in China, covering more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. The paper barrels produced are generally divided into two types. One is full paper barrel, which has a round and square appearance. It is processed on a paper barrel forming machine with a high-strength paper wrench. Most of the materials used in the paper bucket itself are paper fibers, so it is easy to recycle and reuse. In case of emergency treatment, it can be burned and will not produce toxic gases. It can be said that the production process and waste treatment will not pollute the environment. Therefore, it is generally recognized by foreign merchants when exporting and should be vigorously developed in the future. The second kind of paper bucket is reinforced with iron sheet at the upper opening and lower bottom of the circular paper bucket, and the upper cover and lower bottom of the paper bucket are made of iron sheet or five ply wood board. The strength is higher than that of the full paper bucket. This kind of paper bucket is generally used when holding articles with large volume and weight of more than 30 kg

due to the current paper bucket, its structure is multi-layer paperboard composite, which is manufactured by spiral winding process, and the selection of paperboard material is the key. At present, the quantity of constant high-frequency friction and wear testing machine for paperboard selected by domestic barrel factories is about 300~360 g/M. in order to ensure the strength and rigidity of paper barrels, the ring compression strength of general raw material paperboard is 300g/m2, the bursting index is not less than 3.0 kpam/g, the transverse folding resistance is not less than 5O times, and the moisture content is not more than 10%. The strength of the second kind of paper barrel is not only related to raw materials, but also related to the thickness of the paper barrel and the magnitude of the axial force acting on the paper barrel. When the material is determined and the perimeter is certain, the pressure strength of the paper barrel should be greater than 800N, the side pressure strength should be greater than 4000N, and the small force value is generally pierced with an S-type sensor with a strength greater than 1oj. The quality of the paper barrel depends on its deformation and strength. The deformation of the paper barrel is directly proportional to the side pressure of the paper barrel and the circumference of the circle, and inversely proportional to the elastic modulus of the paper barrel, the thickness of the paper barrel and the number of layers, that is, the greater the side pressure acting on the paper barrel and the longer the circumference of the circle, the greater the deformation of the paper barrel; If the elastic modulus of the paper bucket is high, the number of layers is large, and the thickness is large, the deformation is small. It can be seen from this that in order to improve the strength in the production of paper barrels, it is necessary to increase the number of layers of paper barrels and the thickness of paperboard: when selecting raw materials, paperboard materials with high elastic modulus should be selected

2. Development trend of barrel shape and structure

at present, the shape and structure of paper barrels in China is relatively single, most of which are round. The packaging container standard formulated by the state is also a single model of circular paper barrels. However, paper barrels in developed countries have various structural forms, which are developing in the direction of easier stacking and space saving. The economy of paper drum packaging is the general trend. After calculation, compared with square paper drums, the volume of cylindrical paper drums accounting for the same transportation tray space is about a quarter smaller, that is, less than a quarter of the contents. Square barrels are much more economical. At present, square barrels have been put on the market and will become the development trend in the future

3. how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

at present, China's small paper bucket enterprises account for the majority. To improve competitiveness, we must develop from small-scale production to large-scale base. At present, there have been many powerful production enterprises in China, which are in line with the international quality assurance system IS09000. This marks that China's quality control technology has made a breakthrough development. The establishment of the quality assurance system provides a strong guarantee for the improvement of the quality of paper barrels, and it is also a higher level of paper barrels in terms of production, technology, service and other aspects. Therefore, for small and medium-sized paper bucket enterprises, it is necessary to establish various technical quality management systems and carry out effective control, including raw material procurement system, key process control system, incoming inspection system, workpiece inspection system, operator self inspection system, process mutual inspection system, quality inspector inspection system and finished product inspection system, and the control procedures of management system should be established. To control the process quality of the whole production process, first of all, we should formulate the inspection standards of the process operation procedures of each process in the production process, establish the key procedures that affect the product quality, and implement continuous supervision to ensure that each process of the product process is under control, and regularly review the control status of the production process, take corrective measures in time, deal with abnormalities and problems, and make assessment records. The enterprise shall establish an inspection system for raw materials and finished products, and record the inspection conditions. The accuracy and precision of the testing equipment shall meet the inspection requirements, and shall be checked regularly. The process inspection includes the first inspection, mutual inspection and patrol inspection, with clear records

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