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Recently, the underwater robot system (ROV system) developed by Zhenhua heavy industry has successfully completed the construction task, marking the official commercial use of the underwater robot system with independent intellectual property rights

this construction operation is located in the sea area of China, and it has lasted for a month since the end of June, 19, when it thrived. As the key supporting equipment of the operation mother ship, the system played an important role in this operation task. The whole system has complete functions, reliable performance and convenient operation, helping the operation mother ship successfully complete the established operation task

according to the operation interface, offshore engineering construction operations can be divided into two types: above water operations and underwater operations. Among them, the equipment for water operations is mainly floating crane ships, pipe laying (cable) ships, drilling platforms, wind power type: xp-p - the maximum peak to peak displacement (mmp-p) installation platforms and other engineering ships. The research and development and utilization of new materials have demonstrated the innovation ability and comprehensive national strength to a certain extent; From the domestic point of view, it is necessary to complete the operation and construction above the water surface. The main tasks of underwater operations include: underwater search, monitoring, exploration, welding, trenching, landfilling, acquisition and drilling, such as the use of fixtures, screws are not fastened, etc. The common characteristics of such tasks are: long underwater operation time, poor operation environment and high requirements for operation quality. Therefore, the research and development of operational underwater robots is imperative. Because this type of robot adopts the way of mother ship power supply, it has strong power and has no energy reserve problem. It can perform various tasks underwater for a long time, heavy load and high intensity. Compared with the artificial underwater operation, the underwater robot operation developed by Zhenhua heavy industry can improve the operation efficiency, reduce the operation risk and construction cost

as a leading enterprise in the field of domestic offshore engineering equipment manufacturing, Zhenhua heavy industry has been committed to the research and development of core technology and products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, Zhenhua heavy industry has mastered the design and manufacturing technology of underwater robot system, and can carry out customized design and manufacturing according to the needs of the project, providing key core equipment support for the development of the company's marine engineering business

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