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Will robots replace human beings? Amazon, which uses a lot of automation, doesn't think so. Will robots replace human beings? This is a long debated topic. Some enterprises believe that it is an inevitable result that a large number of employees are replaced by technology, but some enterprises do not agree with this statement. For example, Amazon, which widely uses automation, never forces itself to make choices between human and machine

as a world-renowned e-commerce leader, Amazon's desire for automation and the efficiency of its introduction will not be doubted. As early as 2012, Amazon acquired Kiva systems, which specializes in manufacturing robots for storage. After the third choice is resolution and dynamic performance (bandwidth), it changed its name to Amazon robotics, and began to introduce a large number of robots in its own warehouses

even U.S. President trump has publicly accused Amazon's e-commerce development of threatening jobs in the traditional retail industry, but is this really the case

The New York Times pointed out that in fact, under the amazing and growing performance, Amazon's human demand has increased continuously. Amazon announced a few days ago that it will open a second headquarters in North America, which is expected to add 50000 new jobs

even compared with other major technology companies, Amazon's human demand is still amazing. In terms of global labor demand, Amazon provides three times as many jobs as Microsoft and 18 times as many as Facebook. In order to meet more and more customer orders, Amazon has become a recruitment machine

from the perspective of Amazon, automation and robots are not used to replace manpower, but a way to make employees responsible for change. In addition to making the warehouse work less boring, the actual tax can also be reduced, and even greatly increase the efficiency in many aspects, so that customers can receive packages faster and have higher satisfaction

rise of engineering is difficult to measure the real σ e. The stress when the residual elongation of the sample reaches 0.01% of the original gauge distance is often taken as the elastic limit, and σ 0.01 means that Martin Ford, the author of the robots, believes that if Amazon does not use automation technology, it must not be able to achieve the current operating costs, nor can it reduce the shopping costs for customers, and people may receive goods longer

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in Amazon's warehouse, people and robots cooperate very well every day. Robots carry hundreds of kilograms of goods from the shelves. Human employees read the instructions on the computer screen, take out products from the shelves, put them into plastic storage boxes, and then deliver them to another group of employees for packaging by conveyor belt

Dave Clark, chief executive in charge of operations management, said that Amazon wanted monotonous tasks to be performed by machines, while people were responsible for dealing with work that needed thinking

every time you face new things, you look for goods, you check goods, and your attention can be focused. I think this is very important

in addition to its own storage robots, Amazon also imports robots from external manufacturers to help handle many affairs. With the help of these robots, workers not only avoid the trouble of carrying heavy goods, but also reduce the distance they need to walk, reducing the fatigue of their bodies

robots also enable shelves to be centralized, making inventory space larger, which means that customers can have more choices of goods

while importing robots, Amazon will also set up courses within the company to help operators understand how to operate robots. Under the arrangement of the courses, many people have successfully transformed into robot operators

Clark said that no one was fired because robots joined, and Amazon found new jobs for those employees whose jobs were replaced

people didn't leave to go anywhere

will automation eventually replace manpower

but will it be the same when new robots come in the future

in terms of current factory work, human employees are still far better than robots in some specific tasks, but many start-ups and research teams are trying to overcome the remaining technical barriers. Amazon even sponsors similar competitions to encourage more application innovation

Ford believes that Amazon's decision to reduce recruitment is only a matter of time

I think this technology will eventually significantly reduce the demand for warehousing manpower. It does not mean that the disappearance of jobs will happen overnight. Amazon may not lay off workers, but the speed of job creation may gradually slow down

however, Amazon believes that the demand for manpower in the warehouse will continue to grow. Clark said that historically, automation has increased productivity and, to some extent, consumer demand, thereby creating more jobs. Even if Amazon's warehouse becomes more high-tech, workers will continue to work in it

it is only a myth that automation will destroy jobs

although I don't know how it will develop in the future, for employees like nissa Scott, the arrival of robots undoubtedly opens another window

in the Amazon New Jersey warehouse in the past, Scott always stacked various storage boxes in front of him. During the 10 hour shift, he often had to carry these 11 kg boxes back and forth, which was not an exciting job

but with the introduction of a large number of robotic arms by Amazon, Scott is now promoted. Her new job is to manage several robots, troubleshoot when necessary, and ensure that the workflow is correct

for me, this is the most challenging thing I can encounter when working in the warehouse, and the repeatability of the work content is not high

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