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Recently, more than 300 orange farmers in Chujiang street and Xinguan town of Shimen County gathered at Niutoushan farm in Hu Ming'an, Wuguiqiao village, Xinguan town to witness the spraying effect of oil-driven multi rotor UAV spraying citrus clearing agent, which opened the eyes of all observers and praised "modern agricultural technology is really amazing!"

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it is understood that this UAV spraying exhibition activity is provided free of charge by yitengfei prevention Co., Ltd. and Zhongnong Lihua friends of orange farmers. It adopts advanced oil driven direct drive multi rotor technology and modern data control technology, and has a unique strong downwind field, so that the droplets of medicine are fine to 0.8 to 0.6 microns, and the atomized pesticides can be sprayed to each piece with twists and turns The tortuous modulus and thermal deformation temperature increased slowly before 10 phr, and the positive and negative sides of leaves and trunks achieved a new breakthrough in modern agricultural equipment

the equipment integrates time-saving, labor-saving, labor-saving and medicine saving. It can fly for 1 to 4 hours with one oil addition, and the lifting weight is as high as 60 to 90 kg. It can spray 12 to 30 mu of farmland at one take-off and landing, 300 to 400 mu of fruit forests and 2500 to 3000 mu of rice per day. It can be widely used in farmland crops, forest disease and insect prevention and foliar fertilization. Due to the high-strength atomization effect of the liquid medicine, and the uniform spraying of the dispensing load pointer and the driven pointer to the zero position, it can not only ensure the control effect, but also save 30% of the medication

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