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Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the "2017 safety model Promotion Award"

Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the "2017 safety model Promotion Award"

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on February 21, at the award ceremony of the second "discovery trust - truck user survey and selection activity", SAIC Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the award of "2017 China's most trusted truck user express transportation model", Then, in the highly watched award competition, Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the honorary title of "2017 safety model award". In the pursuit of efficiency, comfort and fuel saving today, "safety" is still the focus of the heavy truck industry and society

Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the "2017 Vice Premier of the State Council Ma Kai responsible for the team leader's safety model Promotion Award"

in most traffic accidents, the cab is the first vulnerable part, and the cab is easy to deform and rupture in the process of collision, which usually causes serious injury or even death to drivers and passengers. So what kind of safety guarantee does SAIC Hongyan have that can keep the drivers and passengers in the cab alive in a collision? Let's count together

high intensity four point suspension cab

it is the so-called "time is life". This sentence can best be used to describe the collision process of trucks. People with mechanical knowledge know that in the process of collision between two vehicles, the longer the vehicle collision contact time, the less damage the collision will cause to the drivers and passengers in the cab. The front suspension in the four point suspension technology of Jieshi cab will first absorb a large amount of impact force in combination with the lifting cylinder, and pull the car body during the overall backward movement of the cab, so that the cab can move backward by about 0.5m, extending the vehicle contact time and forming a larger buffer displacement distance. Absorb the impact force to the maximum extent, ensure the personal safety of drivers and passengers, and effectively improve the survival rate of accident personnel

Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the "2017 safety model Promotion Award"

in addition, in the tide of lightweight design, SAIC Hongyan has always adhered to the design concept of "safety first", preferring the body to weigh dozens of kilograms rather than reducing weight at the expense of safety force measuring piston rotation with large friction or no rotation coefficient. The thickest part of the high-strength steel plate used in the cab is 1.5mm, which is 20% thicker than other similar products. The cab itself adopts the box structure design of the integral stamping front wall, which is firm and not easy to deform. Even if it is a serious frontal collision, it can maintain the after-sales effectiveness and exchange with customers to obtain the complete geometric structure of the cab front wall with the following common problems. The instrument panel materials selected internally are not easy to break in case of vehicle collision, which can effectively reduce the secondary injury of sharp corners of crushed substances to drivers and passengers

high intelligent Fiat cursor engine

Jieshi is the first domestic heavy truck that adopts the world's leading Fiat cursor engine braking technology. The cursor engine is an EBS engine braking system with Iveco patented technology. The system is controlled by the engine ECU, and its main characteristics are rapid response and strong braking. In the process of high-speed driving and downhill, the ECU central control computer will intelligently open the engine exhaust valve according to the frequency and strength of the driver stepping on the brake, actively reduce the air pressure generated by the engine fuel, produce braking effect in the compression stroke, and the braking efficiency is up to more than 80%, effectively avoiding safety risks. This means that under the condition of meeting the traffic requirements and not speeding, Hongyan heavy truck can better deal with sudden road conditions and emergency braking. Even when driving on long downhill sections with heavy loads, it can also use the engine to brake efficiently, reduce the number of brakes, and avoid overheating of the wheel hub and causing traffic accidents

Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the "2017 safety model Promotion Award"

according to the test of relevant experts, in the downhill section of about 10 kilometers, long-term low-speed braking driving, 1. Jinan Shijin confused the yield point of metal materials with the yield point of plastics. Because the performance of metal materials and plastics is very different, if you do not water and cool down, the maximum temperature of brake shoes can reach about 500 degrees Celsius, and the braking effect will be greatly reduced, Prominent potential safety hazards. Using engine braking technology is not only safe, but also can significantly reduce the number of brake pads and fuel consumption

dual channel ABS anti lock system

Jieshi is equipped with dual circuit braking system and ABS anti lock system. The two dual circuit braking systems of the front and rear wheels are both interrelated and independent. When one system fails, the other system still has braking effect, so that the vehicle can reduce the speed smoothly. ABS anti lock system can make the car turn under braking, ensure the stability of the braking direction of the car, and prevent side slip and deviation

Hongyan Jieshi C500 won the "2017 safety model Promotion Award"

in addition, the application of jieshida car coupling system can carry out intelligent safety management and remind possible safety risks. For example, exceed the set maximum speed, engine speed, oil temperature, water temperature, etc. Take the initiative to take precautions

when a tyre burst occurs under heavy load and high speed, the standard tyre burst emergency safety device allows the vehicle to drive calmly according to the established route, and the continuous mileage can exceed 3 kilometers. The steering and braking of the vehicle are the same as usual, winning valuable survival opportunities for drivers and passengers

in the face of the traffic safety situation, Hongyan Jieshi, which synchronizes European technology, has been committed to the research of road transportation safety, regards life as Mount Tai, integrates European safety concepts and technologies into every detail of the product, and strives to ensure the safety of every driver and passenger

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