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Robot drones become the focus of NRF 2019

robot drones become the focus of NRF 2019

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artificial intelligence (AI), analysis and robotics are some key trends in the retail industry exhibition. The National Retail Federation (NRF) released Javitz Conference Center at its annual meeting held in New York City from January 13 to 15 this week. Retailers at the exhibition not only focused on the progress of point of sale (POS) hardware, but also discussed how they can use cloud, the installation and debugging of artificial intelligence static stiffness testing machine and big data to maintain the profitability of stores in the unprecedented era of e-commerce development

nrf's 2019 keynote speech invited various celebrities, including fashion designer Nicky Hilton Rothschild, music director Scott Samuel Scott Braun, and Joanna and chip Gaines, who are the co founders of HGTV's famous and lifestyle brand Magnolia market. In addition to popular technologies, other general trends discussed at the exhibition involve collaboration with in store operations, such as sharing inventory data

robot shopkeeper

at a group meeting, pcmag participated in the topic "Why are there robots in my store?", Nicholas Bertram, President of giant food store, discussed how the company implemented a robot named Marty, giant martin's and stop&shop location in 500 stores including giant. The robot is manufactured by badger technologies, and its CEO Tim Rowland also participated in the team together with Steven Keith Platt, research director of the retail Analysis Committee (RAC). The group is chaired by Joe skorupa, director of retail information systems (RIS)

whether it's caliburger's flip the robot or giant food stores' mart the robot, robots have begun to play a role in customer service in large retail stores. Over the past few years, we have seen Softbank's pepper the robot cause a sensation when working in trade fairs and retail stores. Now Marty and other robots are joining pepper. They are greeting customers and providing insights to retailers

as far as the front end of stores and robots is concerned, we are there. They are being tested in many stores, including Wal Mart, said Platt of Rac. He pointed out that the problem of trying to meet labor demand was a factor in the adoption of robots by large retailers

Marty of giant food stores is a 6-foot-3-inch-tall gray robot with staring eyes, including radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners, LED light strips, cameras and sensors, which can detect when the floor slips or the shelves are empty. According to giant's Bertram, Marty has also become a star in social media by taking selfies with customers and appearing at science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (stem) summits

the purpose of our robots is to ensure that the store is a safe place, Bertram said. Sometimes store employees may not notice the floor conditions that may lead to falls, so Marty will scan these types of hazards. However, Bertram points out that robots will not replace human work

it enables people to focus on customer participation; It will not replace those people, Bertram said. Bertram said that although some people may hesitate to deploy robotics in the retail industry, companies should overcome their fears. Study the blade accordingly; (3) The inappropriate position of the adjustment block on the load lever means that people become risk averse in the retail industry. They need to use its surface to avoid touching the index technology with their hands, rather than avoiding it, he explained

this trend may lead to the development of robot as a service, and companies pay according to the data they use. Pratt said: it is still in the early stage of evolution and application, but I think we will try to minimize the cost

badger's Rowland points out that robots are very suitable for databases because they are good at repeating consistent actions. He said that the priority of giant food stores is to use Marty the robot to check the cleanliness, monitor the shortage, and then monitor the accuracy of the price tag, and report all information to the back of giant food stores - the final data storage. In addition, Marty will stock according to the shelf map, which is the location map of retail products

in terms of big brother, robots in stores can also help enterprises obtain the analysis of consumers' purchasing behavior, such as how much time consumers spend in front of jeans. Rowland said they could also help companies obtain data on crowd response and storage traffic patterns. Marty the robot runs on open source software on the robot operating system (ROS). We are in the field of Linux, Roland said. We build our applications in robots and the cloud

UAV assistance inventory control

at the Intel NRF booth at the exhibition, Pensa systems launched its own UAV system (as shown below), which uses Intel's in store edge server and computer vision to fly around the store. The drone can scan the shelves to check the shortage, and after training, it can find the wrong location or missing items on the shelves. At the back end, neural technology enables store owners to understand which products are currently out of stock, and predict future out of stock products based on the location of items on the shelf

Richard Schwartz, President and CEO of Pensa systems, described the problem of tracking inventory on shelves as a black hole. He told pcmag that the growing trend of buying products and then buying products in stores increased this challenge. When you order something on to pick it up in the store You go to the store to buy it, and if you get there below: it doesn't exist or is out of stock, and you now lose a lifelong customer as a retailer, he said

Schwartz believes that cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles are essential to help manage inventory, maintain a clear view of data, and allow customers to return to stores in this era of e-commerce

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