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Central China CNC, which focuses on robots, is deeply engaged in "made in China 2025"

China Securities News, the latest disclosure of Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive easy, central China CNC received research from more than 10 institutions, such as Changjiang Securities, Dongxing securities, CITIC Securities, etc. on the 6th. It is reported that the company has made important breakthroughs in the field of robots. The chairman of the company said that he is confident to use the key CNC technology deposited in the machine tool industry to play a more important role in the made in China 2025, especially in the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry

won the bid for national major special projects

according to central China CNC, with the support of national major projects, the central China 8 CNC system developed by the company has made significant technological progress and has been successful in important enterprises such as Shenfei and the eighth Academy of Aerospace Sciences. The company has undertaken more than 300 04 special projects to support the supporting tasks of high-end machine tools developed to make the samples bear axial pressure. The company said that although the contract amount of these hundreds of units is not large, a series of core technologies of the company have also been verified and improved by undertaking major national special projects with high requirements. At the application and promotion meeting of the 04 special achievements in the aerospace field organized by Chengdu airlines, Huazhong type 8 CNC system was taken as the main promotion achievement

these technologies themselves have wide versatility. The company's future strategic direction is to apply numerical control technology, drive technology and motor technology to the automation field, including the robot company's current robot controller, which is an extension of the central China 8 numerical control system technology platform. The company is in the leading position in robot control technology in China, and has the core technology of robot drive, motor and controller. More broadly speaking, applying numerical control technology to a wider range of fields is also the development direction of the company

At the same time, the company said that the robot business is also one of the key development strategies. At present, the company has made good progress in both technology and market in the field of robotics, which comprehensively constitutes the leading field with the automotive R & D center as its legal efficiency. In addition to the reducer, the company has the core technology of robot drive, motor and controller. The company has developed a number of robots, which have been applied on the automation line in the fields of welding, injection molding machine, loading and unloading, stamping, spraying and so on. Now a well-known household appliance enterprise is also trying out the company machine. The domestic experimental machine still has defects, and the machine is used for loading and unloading. In 2015, the company will actively combine the relevant policies launched by the government, focus on stamping, spraying and other market segments, focus on Guangdong, Chongqing, Fujian and other regions, and use the mode of use, production, research, finance and government to promote the development of robot business, and strive to expand the scale of the robot sector. In the company's strategic pattern of one core and two bodies, the company hopes to do a better robot business in the future, accounting for 30% and 50% of the whole business, which is the goal of the company

Nuggets 3C industry

in addition, due to the large manufacturing demand of 3C industry, the metal shell of electronic products has become a trend, which is widely used in addition to shell processing. In the second half of 2014, the company focused on the supporting needs of CNC machine tools in 3C processing industry for CNC system, and invested a large amount of human and material resources. At present, the company's CNC technology effect in 3C processing industry has been reflected, with obvious advantages. In the field of 3C, the processing efficiency and processing performance of the CNC system of the company's drilling and attacking center are higher than those of foreign brand products, and good results have been achieved in the trial of users. At present, dozens of users are trying out the central China CNC system, and the subsequent improvement work of the company is also in full swing

Guotai Junan said that the batch application of high-end CNC systems in Central China in the national defense military industry and 3C industry reflects the inflection point of the company's official opening of the import substitution process of high-end CNC systems. Following the national defense military industry, the civil market is expected to break through, and the company officially opens the import substitution process of high-end CNC systems. Compared with similar enterprises, the company has obvious technical advantages in automatic drilling and tapping production lines. It can provide all core components of industrial robots except reducer, and can provide high-end CNC systems supporting high-speed drilling CNC. At the same time, with the rapid development of 3C industry, the company is expected to grow exponentially, and the automatic drilling production line is expected to grow explosively

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