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Changqing fourth gas production plant robot drone active "intelligent gas field"

PetroChina news (correspondent Xu Jianing Guoying) after coming out of the automatic charging room, the intelligent explosion-proof inspection robot "Zhang Jianping said that Xiaoxin slowly drove into the inspection area, stopped from time to time, looked up and observed whether the meter and valve were normal This is the scene seen by the party at Su gas gathering station in the fourth operation area of the fourth gas production plant on January 24

Changqing oil field is scattered in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi. The harsh natural environment makes tens of thousands of oil and gas wells, thousands of well stations and tens of millions of meters of oil pipelines developed scattered in mountains, deep ditches and Gobi desert. With the continuous expansion of the scale of oil and gas field development, after vigorously promoting the construction of unattended stations, Changqing fourth gas production plant took the lead in applying robots and unmanned aerial vehicles to daily production, maximizing the use of extremely limited human resources, and committed to building a high-quality intelligent large gas field

as we all know, natural gas production has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful, and the safety risk is very high. Someone once said that natural gas production is like sitting on a time bomb, always walking on thin ice and being cautious. The intelligent explosion-proof inspection robot has the function of combustible and toxic gas detection, which can accurately detect the concentration of methane, hydrogen sulfide and other gases in the station, and immediately send an alarm, which solves the urgent need of gas field safety production. The intelligent explosion-proof inspection robot also has the infrared thermal imaging function of several positive signals that have appeared in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. It can analyze and generate temperature curves in real time. In the process of robot inspection, if there is a fire or the equipment temperature rises abnormally, it will send out an alarm reminder, which plays a role in assisting fire control. Especially for compressors and other equipment, it is much more sensitive than people to judge whether there is a fault according to the vibration frequency of the machine

there are also fault self diagnosis function and man-machine dialogue function to keep employees away from flammable and explosive dangerous areas as far as possible, so as to maximize the intrinsic safety level of the enterprise. Talking about the advantages of intelligent explosion-proof inspection robot, Zhang Jianping, deputy director of the information center of the fourth gas production plant, said that it not only has the function of traditional control and detection equipment, but also can carry out mobile inspection and detection of equipment in an all-round way through its nose, eyes and ears. The inspection means are more professional than manual inspection and more perfect than traditional inspection and detection means

since the implementation of unattended stations in the gas field, although there is no one standing on the station, in order to ensure the safe operation of daily production, manual inspection twoorthree times a day is still indispensable. In the vast desert, stations are far away from each other. This large number of repeated daily inspection work makes the already stretched human resources more nervous, and even restricts the development of the gas field to a certain extent. It has become the trend of gas field development in the future to let robots work instead of people and let people concentrate on technology and intelligent analysis

speaking of Xiaoxin, peihongbin, director of the production technology office of the fourth operation area, was full of pride. In the past, when we were patrolling manually, we had the biggest headache in bad weather, especially in winter, when it was more than minus 20 degrees Celsius, we couldn't reach out and had to run all over the mountain. Now it can patrol for us. We just need to sit in the warm monitoring room for intelligent analysis. We really can't live without it

the intelligent explosion-proof robot has 127 monitoring points in a circle. It can complete single point data identification in 15 seconds, and the data is directly transmitted to the digital control and command platform. It is understood that the inspection takes two hours and 10 minutes at a time, with a power consumption of 33%. It automatically enters the charging room for wireless charging, and returns to full grid after 45 minutes

in addition to being safer, it can also reduce the daily workload of employees. The biggest advantage of intelligent explosion-proof inspection robot over manual inspection is naturally intelligent analysis and timely warning. At present, the robot and the automation system carry out the marking of the total experimental force n (KGF) of the indenter with the scale symbol, and the hardness symbol allows the measurement range lock to operate. When an abnormality is found on the site, the robot can reach the abnormal point for video acquisition at the first time, so as to provide a more detailed and accurate information for the monitoring personnel and patrol inspectors, so that they can make corresponding preparations for the later maintenance and rectification work in advance, Work efficiency will be improved a lot

in addition, the six rotor hybrid UAV system used in the operation area carries out field inspection. The aircraft is equipped with a 30 times optical zoom camera, which can clearly see the ground pipelines and well stations and other facilities from a linear distance of one kilometer. Through the aircraft's image link, it can remotely transmit pictures to the ground station and command center in real time. At the same time, it can remotely receive the ground station control and adjust the camera pan tilt steering and zoom. The UAV can resist level 6 wind, and the applicable wheelbase is 1600 mm. Its overall stability and wind resistance performance are good. The maximum endurance time can reach 3 hours, and the maximum transmission distance can be increased to 30 kilometers. For the 198 wells in the operation area, it takes at least 15 days to patrol the wells and lines manually. Now the UAV can patrol every 3 days at most, which greatly improves the efficiency

at present, two robots in the fourth area of the operation work 24 hours a day, rain or shine. The patrol mileage has successfully exceeded 100 kilometers, and the drone patrol line has exceeded 2000 kilometers

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