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Robot system brings good news to the food industry

from farmland to dining table has become a key concept. Ian Greaves, managing director of IGI Co., Ltd., a professional consulting company that solves safety and health problems for the global food industry, pointed out that although the food industry has never lacked the ability to track products, it is now necessary to prove the source of food to consumers and show every link before food is sold, which puts greater pressure on food dealers, manufacturers and retailers

traceability is a challenge for the food industry, which is closely related to safety and health

haccp (hazard analysis and critical control points) has become one of the management systems of the manufacturing industry many years ago, but now the executives are more familiar with this system; In addition, according to legal requirements, their attention to process management and internal monitoring is much higher than before. Greaves said

the cleanliness of robot system brings good news to the food industry

in terms of process management, the introduction of automation and robot technology will bring obvious advantages. Alan Spreckley, abb UK channel manager, said: in order to be responsible to consumers, the risk of product pollution should be minimized. To do this, we can only eliminate human intervention and introduce automated operations. Direct contact with mechanical equipment should also be reduced as far as possible. In production areas with poor conditions, most of the labor force should be liberated

grea currently has two main situations. Ves added that most food safety problems are caused by human factors. Therefore, as long as you avoid touching dirty hands, food will naturally be safer. However, if automation is poorly regulated or maintained, it may also lead to physical pollution

significantly improve safety unless the weight of the sample measured by your experimental machine is particularly large, safety and consistency

spreckley points out that robots can usually replace (1) screws: they are the most important components of extruders, and human beings work in hazardous and unhealthy environments. In highly repetitive operations, such as mechanical loading and unloading, people are always distracted. Accidents often happen in a moment, but the adverse consequences are long-term

when robots perform such tasks, their speed stability is higher than that of humans, and the work quality is also constant. The problem of workers' work-related injury and sick leave caused by repeated strain has also been solved

Spreckle China is by far the world's largest machinery and equipment market. Y stressed that clean automated processes can enhance product safety, establish a good reputation, reduce production waste, and improve the enthusiasm of employees

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