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The overall wardrobe is an emerging industry. Many small factories and unscrupulous businesses take this opportunity to confuse the market and sell inferior and environmentally friendly plates and hardware as the brands of regular manufacturers to make huge profits

the overall wardrobe is a new industry, and we don't know the advantages and disadvantages of the boards used by each manufacturer and the degree of environmental protection. Many small factories and unscrupulous businesses took this opportunity to confuse the market, selling low-quality and environmentally friendly plates and hardware as the brands of regular manufacturers for huge profits, which led to doubts about the whole industry. In fact, the plates produced by regular manufacturers are very environmentally friendly, and the manufacturers of well-known brands can meet the European E1 environmental protection standards

now let me introduce some methods to quickly identify the authenticity:

first, look at the template (not the sample cabinet of the finished product)

usually, the template is sealed on three sides, leaving one side for the customer to check the quality of the substrate. First, scrape it with your fingernails to see if you can scrape out the powder. If you can, you can't buy it, no matter how cheap it is, because such a plate will be seriously deformed or even broken when encountering a wet environment

if you can't scrape out the powder, go to the next inspection procedure, smell it with your nose to see if there is any irritating smell (smelly socks smell). If there is, it indicates that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, which is very harmful to human body, and you can't buy it either

if not, look at the veneer (that is, the bright surface of the plate) and touch it with your hand to see whether it is flat and whether the lines are neat and clear. Generally, the surface gloss of high-quality panels is high. It feels good, and the lines are very clear. Regular manufacturers usually have anti-counterfeiting marks printed on it, which can be seen with eyes

here we want to explain the material of the veneer. Now the most used veneer in the market is melamine sticker. This kind of veneer has relatively stable physical and chemical properties, has the advantages of moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, and is not easy to deform. In addition, the melamine decorative panel does not need later finishing treatments such as painting, which also reduces the possibility of surface cracking. If the environmental friendly melamine board is used as the base material, the volatilization of harmful gases can be reduced

finally, the edge banding is related to the quality and effect of the overall cabinet. Most of the plates produced by regular manufacturers use imported edge banding machines, and the edge banding quality is very high. If you don't look carefully, you can't see the interface between the two pieces. It is difficult to separate it from the plate with a knife because of its great integration force. There are anti-counterfeiting marks of regular manufacturers on the edge (consistent with those on the panel). OEM processing can not do the above points

second, look at the packaging (if the merchant guarantees that it is the original goods when signing the contract with the merchant, it must ask for the logistics waybill)

in this way, you can know whether the merchant has changed the package. After seeing the goods, the original packaging paper has the brand logo and order number. Through the logistics sheet and packaging paper, we can distinguish whether it is OEM processing. (these need to be noted in the contract when signing the contract in the later stage, which has prevented the merchants from admitting)

Third, look at the hardware real estate forum, decoration Forum, owner forum

this is the easiest place for OEM merchants to fake, and they often use some inferior hardware to counterfeit the original hardware or well-known brand hardware. The anti-counterfeiting of hardware made by regular manufacturers is very fine, ranging from a connector to a drawer guide rail, all of which have the same anti-counterfeiting signs as the cabinet. Therefore, checking small hardware can also quickly distinguish whether it is produced by formal manufacturers





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