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This June day, it's better to follow the new product of Magnolia, "small age 7", and lead the baby to visit the beauty of the world together, which will arouse his/her great curiosity about the beautiful world

vast world

infinite mystery

standard configuration of happy childhood 61

should have its own small world

here, maybe not very big

but it is about to carry the baby's whole childhood

here, They will establish a connection with the world

look at the world with innocent eyes

lock smiling faces with happy memories

write wishes with soft hands

How can such a happy little world not be attentive

this 61

might as well follow the Magnolia new product "small age 7"

and lead the baby to visit the beauty of the world together

trigger a little he/she

great curiosity about the beautiful world

sailboat - inspire courage

every boy has a heroic dream in his heart, always dreaming that one day he can gallop around the world and meet the dream of adventure. Even their own small room wants to make the room full of fantasy and mystery, so now introduce sailing elements to the small space, let the full house of sails stand, let them raise sails, and conquer the endless sea

hot air balloons -- colorful dreams

in this gradually changing sky, there are also dozens of colorful hot air balloons shuttling around. They float in the air in a staggered manner, which is too fantastic. Come and join us, wander in the gradual morning light and rolling hills, and start an experience like a fairy tale

forest - fresh oxygen

the forest in the spring is thriving everywhere, full of adventures, elk like elves winking at you, birds chirping, and budding branches swaying in the wind... Deep into the jungle, there may be more surprising secrets. It's better to leave now to visit the jungle

Stationery - brilliant retro

postmark, Paris tower, leaf vein bookmark, and fluent English handwriting, wrapped in the retro British stationery, can even inspire the feelings of the past, so does it also remind you of your friends far away? It's time to write down your thoughts and wishes with your soft little hand

full color - morning waves

the gradual colors are superimposed layer by layer, like the tides fading layer by layer, more like the morning glow soaked in the sky, the meaning of morning waves, romantic and open scenes, whether boys' room or girls' room, can be easily controlled

city - overlooking the prosperous city with visual

simple strokes, it is only filled with refreshing blue, and the collocation of black and white blue is fresh and fashionable. Presenting the picture from a bird's-eye view makes people feel like flying in the sky and addicted to flying

every baby is an angel who falls into the mortal world. The female treasures are infatuated with the wonderful time in the pink memory. The boys love the magical journey in the blue dream, which is so beautiful and worthy of protection. This June 1st, let's follow "small age 7", visit the beautiful world with our baby, and protect the starting point of the dream

(image and text source: Magnolia home, invasion and deletion)





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