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Yalijia kitchen cabinet: congratulations to Susong yalijia's "brand alliance bargaining meeting" for another success

on August 19, 2012, the "brand bargaining meeting" jointly held by yalijia kitchen cabinet Susong store and eight other home furnishing and building materials brands has been a complete success. The strong carpet publicity of this event has once again enhanced the brand influence in the terminal. In addition, each brand has sent manufacturers to guide and make corresponding adjustments in time according to the market response, so as to maximize the publicity of the event! At the same time, the combination of multiple brands has expanded the coverage of target consumer groups, driving some potential consumer groups

Susong yalijia exclusive store made another success at the "brand alliance bargaining meeting" on August 19. In only 6 hours, it obtained 30 orders at one stroke, creating an operating value of nearly 400000. At the same time, yalijia kitchen cabinet has been recognized by more consumers in Susong market





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