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Since the opening of bisphenol a market at the beginning of this month, the domestic bisphenol a market has quickly turned from wait-and-see to upward attack. On the 7th, supported by the strong external market and the strong upstream market, the traders' mentality was good, and the market quotation continued to rise. The leading market in the domestic market in East China continued to rise. The mainstream transaction rose to 12300 ~ 12500 yuan/ton, and the focus of the transaction was on the high end. With the commencement of the downstream industry, its support was gradually restored and further strengthened. At the same time, the downstream manufacturers also wanted to take this opportunity to adjust the product price

1. The domestic manufacturer

Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory significantly raised its ex factory price to 12800 yuan/ton on July 7, up 800 yuan/ton compared with the previous Festival. Its 25000 ton/year unit has reached full capacity, with a daily output of 75 tons. The 16000 ton/year unit has also accelerated the transformation progress and is planned to start up in early March. Due to the recent large number of epoxy resin exports, the proportion of self use is high; The 10000t/a unit of Tianjin Shuangfu Co., Ltd. is still in the shutdown state, and the external sales are still stopped. The pre holiday quotation is 10700 yuan/ton

II. Market trend

the latest market quotation in East China is 12200 ~ 13000 yuan/ton, up 300 ~ 1000 yuan/ton compared with that before the festival. After the opening of the market last Sunday, there was a general wait-and-see atmosphere. Mainstream traders and factories were not in a hurry to ship goods, and closed the market to pay close attention to the market trend; Later, it began to start under the support of the external market. The market participants were optimistic about the future market. At the same time, the downstream adopted a recognition attitude towards its price adjustment, which made the rise of bisphenol a optimistic both inside and outside the industry. The recent rise in the market prices of raw materials pure benzene and phenol has also become a strong support for the market operators to be bullish in the future. However, the factors that have not yet been really started are in the downstream market. According to experts, the epoxy resin enterprises such as Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory worked overtime at full capacity during the festival, and the pace of resumption of production after the festival is also satisfactory. The 100000 ~ 130000 T/a unit of Nanya plastic in Kunshan will also be put into production

at present, the market price of bisphenol A in North China is 12500 yuan/ton, up 3 compared with that before the festival. The second transmission mode can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission of 00 ~ 400 yuan/ton. On Monday, there were still no sales of local domestic goods and few inquiries for imported goods

in the import market, the external quotation of bisphenol A is firm, which is seriously inversely linked to the market price of RMB, and there is no transaction for the time being. The market price in East China is 12200 ~ 13000 yuan/ton, and the market price in North China is 12500 yuan/ton

III. upstream product

phenol this week, domestic manufacturers led the market. However, as the downstream is still recovering, the phenol Market in most regions has not been clear, and partial regions have not yet fully quoted. In terms of manufacturers, on Monday, the price of Sinopec Shanghai Branch was raised by 150 yuan/ton. At present, the ex factory price of phenol is 9000 yuan/ton; The Beijing Branch has been suspended Invoicing due to low inventory. In terms of imported goods, the market price in East China is about 9300 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton compared with that before the festival, and there are few transactions; The mainstream transaction price in Central China is 9400 ~ 9700 yuan/ton, up 200 ~ 300 yuan/ton compared with that before the festival, and the trading volume has not been enlarged yet; The mainstream transaction price of phenol in South China is 9500 ~ 9600 yuan/ton, up 100 ~ 200 yuan/ton compared with that before the festival. There are few transactions

according to the latest market trend analysis, bisphenol A will still rise in the future. Yesterday (February 7), the domestic bisphenol a market was supported by the external market and upstream raw materials, and the traders pushed up more actively. The external market was high and stable at 1350 US dollars/ton (CFR China), which provided some support for the market to continue to rise. The bisphenol a market in East China continued to lead the rise. The traders' polyolefins used all digital pulse control to control hydrocarbons, which occupied a very important position in our daily life, and their prices continued to rise, The mainstream transaction volume has risen to 1. Jiangsu Jinfa technology has successfully entered this market at 2300 ~ 12500 yuan/ton (the transaction focus is on the high end), and the downstream manufacturers have started to recover gradually. Market participants said that with the support of the external market and the upstream, the domestic manufacturers raised prices significantly to help, the downstream demand gradually recovered, and the market is expected to continue to rise

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