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"Bird flying" programming UAV "flying" into the youth UAV maker education system

does UAV also have programming function? Can UAVs also be used to teach steam programming to teenagers? you 're right! On November 18, at the just concluded Third National Youth UAV competition in Nanchang, the innovative UAV programming competition attracted the attention of all judges and audiences

the first one on the stage was the team from Weihai Campus of Harbin Institute of technology. Their eight UAVs, accompanied by dynamic music, sometimes jumped, sometimes swayed and sometimes rotated. They used the height of three-dimensional space to arrange various layered shapes. After completing the whole set of actions, the UAV slowly landed, and all the audience applauded. The guests on the jury laughed and said: it's so wonderful. It's over before you have seen enough

next, the team of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics brought a 9-plane formation flight. Two confident Beihang people made an impassioned statement that their creativity was inspired by their love for the aerospace industry and their pride and pride as Beihang people. The background music they chose was the national treasure theme song "a thousand years at a glance", which was intended to challenge other fast-paced dance music with slow-paced music. The music sounded, and the nine UAVs were placed in turn as "i


b" (I love Beihang) "UAA". The cold UAVs seemed to be endowed with magic, using soft lines to move with the rhythm of life, to show every audience the pride of Beihang people working hard for the aerospace dream and contributing to the cause of the blue sky of the motherland. After watching the UAV dance of Beihang, the former chief of the Navy recruitment Bureau, zhouzenggai, one of the five judges, said movingly: today's competition has really subverted my impression of the man of science and engineering. The students of Beihang are not only very good in academic aspects, but also really impressed me with their artistic attainments and humanistic cultivation

the UAV formation dancing with music on the field is the F400 programming UAV newly launched by "bird flying". This competition is also easy to be washed away by the water sprayed later. The UAV creative programming competition was officially included in the competition, including four groups: university group, high school group, junior high school group and primary school group, marking that the "bird flying" programming UAV successfully "flew" into the "National youth UAV steam maker education system"

a strong youth makes a strong country. Science and technology education for teenagers is the foundation for building an innovative country. With the aim of improving the scientific literacy of young people, CAAC has presided over the construction of the "National Youth UAV steam maker education system". Guided by the steam education concept and the maker education concept, the system integrates the intelligent education content, and carries out UAV classroom, UAV maker laboratory, ten level training and grade examination of youth UAV, four level training and certification of teachers, National Youth UAV competition, talent recommendation, construction of aviation characteristic schools, so as to form a complete youth aviation innovative talent training system. At present, the "bird flying" UAV class has entered 198 schools and institutions in 20 provinces across the country; A total of 158 teachers and hundreds of referees in China have obtained the qualification through professional training. 1. The main machine of this kind of equipment adopts the floor type frame structure certification. We can target the standard packaging materials for beverages; The "bird flying" UAV maker laboratory has blossomed in 14 schools and institutions across the country. Through the systematic UAV maker education, the students have comprehensively improved their scientific cognitive ability, intelligent programming ability, engineering practice ability and scientific and artistic cultivation, stimulated their interest in aviation, and invested in the future aviation science and technology with more enthusiasm

"bird flying" is an educational UAV brand founded by Shanghai goltech robot Co., Ltd. Under the guidance of the Aeronautical Society of China, "bird flying" has developed an overall education solution covering UAV education, teaching materials, courseware, UAV classroom, UAV maker laboratory, etc., providing a comprehensive learning space integrating UAV science education, creative practice and scenario simulation for teenagers. Students use the "bird flying" UAV textbook to systematically learn UAV knowledge and intelligent programming knowledge through theoretical study, case analysis and group discussion; Various creative flights are presented through flight practice, programming and laboratory simulation to fully develop children's creativity and spatial imagination, so that children can experience the fun of flight and steam maker education at the same time

as the carrier of artificial intelligence education in the "bird flying" maker laboratory, F400 programming UAV is a four rotor UAV specially developed for programming education. It has light takeoff weight and all-round safety protection cover, which is very suitable for teenagers. The traditional robot programming education mainly focuses on the ground movement in two-dimensional space. Students can make the robot run through assembly, construction and writing simple programs. Often, the proportion of hardware assembly and construction is more than that of programming. The programming practice is only based on graphical programming. It is difficult for students to establish systematic programming thinking. The programming of "bird flying" UAV realizes the flight movement in three-dimensional space, and creative programming has more space to play. Moreover, "bird flying" supports both scratch graphical programming and Python code programming. It can carry out 3D preview of the programming content, covering the needs of students of different ages of college, middle school and primary school. Simple and easy-to-use graphical programming can help students get started in programming. By setting the flight action of UAV, they can understand the basic concepts related to programming, such as events, conditions, cycles, etc. the learning process is both informative and interesting; After having certain programming thinking, students can also learn and practice advanced programming languages such as python, master the logic, algorithm and grammatical structure of the programming language in combination with the flight action of UAV and the expansion of the loss range of paper enterprises, and comprehensively improve students' logical thinking and software system engineering ability

the "bird flying" F400 programming UAV also has supporting programming application software, which can realize formation flying and dancing of multiple UAVs. Students can freely choose the music they like to edit, design and arrange the dance movements of the UAV, and finally let the UAV complete the whole set of dance movements by programming in combination with the beat of music. What it cultivates is students' art appreciation ability, programming and creative ability and team cooperation ability, which fully reflects steam's educational philosophy: integrating science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art, and using situational and task-based teaching methods, The inquiry learning method is adopted to enable students to learn various disciplines and interdisciplinary knowledge in project practice, cultivate innovation awareness and improve comprehensive literacy

in addition to the F400 programming UAV, "bird flying" has also developed a series of models for UAV creative group competition, such as F300 air combat UAV and f500 air football UAV. In the future, "bird flying" will continue to bring forth new ideas by integrating high technology, intelligence, competitiveness, interest and flying dream, designing new models and new playing methods, and promoting maker laboratories to more schools and institutions, so as to play a better role in cultivating teenagers' scientific and technological innovation ability and teamwork spirit, and improving teenagers' core competitiveness in the era of artificial intelligence

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