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On May 30 this year, the Ministry of health, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other six departments jointly issued a notice. How do you judge whether there is a problem with these equipment? This is very simple. The announcement on banning bisphenol A from being used in baby bottles. According to the announcement, the production of polycarbonate baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bisphenol A will be prohibited from June 1 this year. Since september1,2011, it is prohibited to import and sell polycarbonate baby bottles and other baby bottles containing bisphenol A

at present, the announcement has been published for more than a month. In order to understand the current sales of PC milk bottles in the market, we visited the infant milk bottle counters in many supermarkets in Beijing and found that some supermarkets still have PC milk bottles on sale, but the number has decreased a lot, and the proportion of corresponding glass milk bottles on sale has increased significantly

glass milk bottles are fragile and relatively expensive, so the sales of glass milk bottles have been far behind that of plastic milk bottles. According to the survey data of relevant departments, the annual sales volume of domestic milk bottles is about 1.6-1.7 billion yuan. Before the ban was announced, plastic milk bottles accounted for as much as 80% of the market share. However, the ban on bisphenol A has made many consumers choose to buy glass milk bottles again. At the baby products Monopoly Office of a large supermarket in Tongzhou, the salesperson told that the number of people buying plastic milk bottles that had been selling well is now much less, while the sales of glass milk bottles are rising all the way, with an increase of about 50%. "Everyone thinks that glass does not contain bisphenol A." Mr. Wang, a citizen who is buying supplies for women and infants, told him that he had replaced all the baby bottles and drinking water bottles used by children with glass ones. After all, children's health is the most important

Zhang Wen, a seller who opened a mother and baby store in Shanghai, said that before, the main force of bottle sales in my store was plastic bottles such as PCs. Recently, as buyers have doubts about plastic milk bottles, some buyers have turned to "original" glass milk bottles. "In fact, some young mothers don't know the difference between several plastic materials, and the click through rate of plastic milk bottle products is very low. As a result, the sales of glass milk bottles have increased by leaps and bounds.

it is understood that bisphenol A is widely used in mineral water bottles, baby milk bottles and other products, which can make plastic products colorless, transparent, fall proof, etc., but when heated, it may play a substance similar to estrogen, disrupting the metabolic process of the human body. Because PC materials Quality milk should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. Therefore, many experts in EU Member States call for banning the addition of bisphenol A in food containers, because a large number of studies in the past decade have shown that long-term exposure to bisphenol A has a potential relationship with a series of health problems such as birth defects, cancer and premature puberty

a random interview was conducted with several customers who purchased milk bottles at Shuangqiao Yonghui supermarket. Most of the young customers said that they knew that PC milk bottles contained bisphenol A and would not buy milk bottles containing bisphenol A, but plastic milk bottles without bisphenol A would still be purchased. However, an elderly customer said that he did not know the harm of bisphenol A and would consider whether to choose a cheaper milk bottle or water bottle as appropriate

the shopping guide of the supermarket suggests to choose and buy bottles that do not contain bisphenol A: customers can choose and buy bottles that do not contain bisphenol a through the triangle recycling mark on the bottom of plastic bottles. The plastic products marked 1, 2 and 4 are relatively safe, but harmful under high temperature; At the same time, Lubrizol can provide radiopaque materials for X-ray identification. 5 are PP products, which are relatively safe; Although PPSU and PES bottles are expensive, they are ideal choices

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