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China's untapped potential - bioplastics recently, at the renewable plastics conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a speaker believed that China is the world's largest plastic consumer, but its potential in bioplastics has been regrettably ignored

Bruno Rudnik, general manager of SUS tech consult in Germany, said that there are too many plastic processing enterprises in China that are not involved in bioplastics. The company promotes clean technology solutions in emerging markets

rudnik compares China with Thailand, which is at the forefront of the world in the development of bioplastics: "China is the world's largest plastic consumer, but the bioplastics market is still very small. Although the population is 20 times larger than Thailand, the GDP is higher, and the demand for chemicals is 50 times higher."

sus tech consult conducted a survey on more than 100 domestic plastic processing enterprises this year to understand their attitudes towards bioplastics. Among the enterprises surveyed, 75% are local enterprises and 25% are Sino foreign joint ventures

95% of the enterprises surveyed said that they had not been exposed to bioplastics and believed that biomaterials were less important than renewable, energy efficient or non hazardous materials

when asked why they do not use bioplastics, 38% of the enterprises surveyed thought their prices were high, but 18% said they knew nothing about bioplastics


rudnik said:" this confirms what our staff in this industry have seen and heard. They do not think that western material suppliers are interested in them. "

nearly half of the surveyed enterprises (47%) said that the increasingly stringent legal provisions would urge them to consider using bioplastics, but many people did not think that bioplastics would be popularized in the local market in the short term. Only 4% of the enterprises surveyed believe that bioplastics will account for more than 5% of China's plastic consumption in the next five years. As many as 78% of the people predicted that it would take years. Rodnik said: "we guess that China is becoming a major producer of bioplastics, but the important news is that China must strengthen the publicity in this regard, especially for well-known brand businesses." At the meeting, rodnik also said that the plastics industry should shut down immediately and need to know the heterogeneity of the Asian bioplastics market

he said: "take Thailand as an example. Thailand is a large raw material grower and the world's second largest exporter of sugar. On the other hand, Japan is an important R & D center, aiming at the use of bioplastics, but it is not a real raw material grower."

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