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Bioplastics is a potential stock for the future of the industry

nowadays, plastic has infiltrated into our lives. PLA materials are very popular materials at present. From not being accepted at the beginning to now, they are almost inseparable. The plastic industry will eventually see a rainbow after the storm. However, with the extensive use of plastic products, plastic waste is also accumulating more and more, and can not be degraded. Although it brings convenience to our daily life, it does bring trouble to the society and the environment

in order to control environmental pollution, since its establishment, the state has attached great importance to the independent R & D capability and established corresponding environmental protection policies. At the same time, people are encouraged to save energy, protect the environment and reduce emissions. With people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, environmentally friendly degradable materials are popular. Bioplastics, with the advantages of no petroleum products and self decomposition after use, will soon replace traditional plastics into our lives

bioplastics refer to the plastics produced by microorganisms based on natural substances such as starch. It is renewable, so it is very environmentally friendly. Bioplastics are not only friendly to the environment, but also have good adaptability to the body. It is expected to be used in the production of postoperative suture and other medical products that can be absorbed by the body

recently, the global economy is uncertain, but South America, led by Brazil, can still bring another new atmosphere to the rubber and plastic industry with the development of automobile industry, medical industry and bioplastics. Although the current bio based plastics industry is still in the primary stage of development, its rapid development momentum in recent years has initially established its indispensable and important position in the commercial market

the new application in the automotive and electronic industries will promote the increase of the demand for bioplastics. 1. The power supply voltage in the laboratory must be stable and long, which will mainly benefit from the improvement of the technical performance of bioplastics and technological innovation. Although packaging will still dominate the market, its share is expected to drop from 65% in 2007 to 40% in 2025 By 2025, Asia will be the leader in the bioplastics market, accounting for about 32% of the market share, followed by Europe with 31% and the United States with 28%

with the gradual shift of consumers' preference for plastic products, renewable environmental protection materials are becoming more and more popular in the market. Affected by this, the market demand for bio based plastics has increased. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, manufacturers see the opportunity of biodegradable plastics in the packaging market. Many well-known international manufacturers have entered the market by means of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. In view of the current low awareness of biodegradable plastics among consumers, it is necessary to vigorously cultivate the market in the future and guide consumers to accept this environmentally friendly material. Biodegradable plastics have broad prospects for development. In addition, the continuous innovation of plastic processors and composite material manufacturers in product design has further expanded the application field of bio based plastics

in China, the largest R & D and production base of bioplastics has also been built in Wuhan Jiangxia happiness Industrial Park. After completion, the production capacity of the base can be increased to 100000 tons of bioplastics. However, how to shift the focus from the current low profit field of daily-use environmental protection plastics to the field of high value-added industrial environmental protection plastics is the common problem faced by the base and other national bioplastics enterprises

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