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Bioplastics are becoming the mainstream materials for some parts and components

as automobile manufacturers and suppliers begin to look for more kinds of biological composites and expand their application range, natural fiber composites are becoming the mainstream materials in the automobile industry

Ford 2010flex shows the charm of natural materials to car buyers. hulmanInc. Agriplas resin made of polypropylene and 20% wheat straw is now used in the third row storage box of flex. The natural stripes of wheat straw are "faintly visible" on the black surface, which is quite natural

ellenlee, a plastic research and technology expert of Ford Motor company headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, said that Ford can take this as a test example to successfully extend its application to future models for highly environmentally conscious car buyers

the storage box made of agriplas is 10% lighter than the full PP storage box. According to Ford's estimation, replacing resin with straw in the storage box will reduce fuel consumption by 20000 pounds per year and carbon dioxide emission by 30000 pounds per year

agriplas' raw materials are basically wastes from wheat production, which were jointly developed by Schulman company headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio, USA and Waterloo University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada through its Ontario biological automobile program, which aims to use more plant-based materials in automobiles and agricultural vehicles

senior workers of IAC, headquartered in Dearborn, usually only need one time. Roseryntz, the project director, said that mold inelsevier launched the Knovel resin matrix composite database. International automotive componentsllc put agriplas into production on its injection molding machine within two months

ryntz said that wheat straw has been used in plastic plates as a natural fiber reinforcement. Ford and Schulman, aiming at the trend of light weight, low odor and new energy utilization in the automotive field, the company and the entire development team have designed a product for the automotive industry based on this achievement. 5. The concrete pressure testing machine can be expanded when the test piece has not touched the upper platen

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