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Catch up at a fixed point -- take off on the shoulders of giants

I remember Mr. Chen Anzhi, the master of success studies, said that only by learning success from successful people can you succeed. Those unsuccessful lecturers are dancing on the podium to teach you how to succeed. You think he's talking nonsense. If he can guide you on a path to success, why don't you guide yourself to succeed first? A humorous sentence gives us endless aftertaste. Let's not understand its success theory, but standing on the shoulders of giants can really let us see higher and farther

strictly speaking, fixed-point catching up is an excellent learning skill and procedure for our enterprises and even our individuals. The so-called fixed-point is to find a fulcrum that can be climbed. Catching up is to use your knowledge to catch up with and exceed the fulcrum that you define with the help of all available forces. When we have achieved a transcendence, we will soon find another fulcrum that can be used for reference and surpass it, just like the short-term goals, medium-term goals and long-term goals we usually set for ourselves, but if there is no fulcrum that can be tested well, I believe this goal will always be empty words

I. the way for enterprises to catch up and surpass at fixed points to take off successfully

in fact, fixed-point catch-up is not a new term in the business community at home and abroad, but also a most basic way of survival and a necessary way often used by the vast majority of enterprises, especially those small and medium-sized enterprises, who often see the continuous growth of peer performance, should find their own shortcomings through horizontal and vertical comparison, Imitating and improving some good practices of competitive companies in the same industry is a better way to develop. After World War II, Japan diligently and unremittingly implemented the concept of fixed-point catch-up, imitating the management and marketing methods of American enterprises in many aspects. This has led to the rapid rise of a number of world-class enterprises in Japan. Xerox, industry leaders such as IBM, Kodak, DuPont and Motorola are all direct beneficiaries of fixed-point catch-up. Domestic fixed-point catch-up is also widely used in many industry giants. For example, Haier once said that it wanted to be China's Panasonic, Hisense wanted to be China's Sony, and so on. At the beginning, the method of fixed-point catch-up was applied to enterprise production, internal organization, marketing and other fields

second, take advantage of the commanding height to let enterprises take off on the shoulders of giants

in fact, many smart enterprises have played their best in catching up with and surpassing at fixed points. They have used the shoulders of giants to improve themselves. It can be said that this is a smart means of taking advantage of the situation in marketing. There are countless classic success cases. Mengniu has been advertised as "learning from Yili, the boss of the same city"; Yipin Huangshan has been advertised as "Huangshan first, China second"; Such as "because we are second, we need to work hard and study"; Other advertisements, such as celebrity advertisements, are all classic marketing methods that take off on the shoulders of giants

III. catch up at fixed points to help individuals take off quickly

I remember a sentence I often asked enterprises when I first joined the work: how can I achieve rapid growth? I once listened to master Chen's success and always remembered the sentence "learn success from successful people" after learning. I always talked with bosses about their path to success when I seized the opportunity, and always thought there was a shortcut to success. Now I think about it at that time, I really didn't know the greatness of heaven and earth, The pie in the sky won't fall, let alone succeed? In addition to buying lottery tickets, you don't succeed in a short time, but even if you are heated continuously or interrupted, you have a one in ten million chance of winning the lottery special prize. The test principle adopted when the installation of the dynamometer is not horizontal is still the pulse reflection method. It should be said that you can be an explosive person, but you are not a successful person, CCTV's successful life program will invite those who climb the road to success through step-by-step efforts and accumulation to share their successful experience, but will not invite an explosive person to share his lottery winning road. Let's take a look at how to achieve a rapid take-off through fixed-point catch-up. In fact, at the beginning of the newcomer entering the company, the boss may tell you that this XX supervisor is your next goal. When you become a supervisor, he will tell you that XX manager is your next goal. When you become a manager, he will tell you that XX director is your next goal to catch up with and surpass, and so on, Perhaps when you reach a certain goal unconsciously, in fact, you have applied the method of fixed-point catch-up. You have virtually taken your direct boss as a goal fulcrum. By observing his usual work skills and management skills, you can find your own shortcomings and try to make up for them. After a period of time, your professional ability has been improved, and your management level has gradually followed, and you have reached catch-up, For individuals to implement the fixed-point catch-up strategy, the goal should not be set too high or too far. Climbing stairs one by one can avoid falling over. Learning needs to be gradual, and the road of life also needs to be gradual. The young generation has no lack of passion, but they lack the necessary calm. They can see big fish only when they sink to the bottom of the water, and only sporadic small fish can be seen on the surface forever

learn to use the method of fixed-point catch-up to learn, create, work, etc. at this stage, it is not easy to do better than others, or at least do the same as others. It is not easy to implement effective innovation after being the same as others. I hope to teach this effective marketing tool to those newcomers who have just entered the marketing circle. Let me tell you that marketing is not difficult, As long as you find the right way and find your shortcomings through continuous practice, and implement catch-up and catch-up again, are you still worried that you can't do marketing? In fact, marketing itself is a process of continuous learning and improvement. Marketing is a lifelong thing, but as long as you master the correct method of implementing marketing, you will face it with confidence at any time

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