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On May 12, the China Plastics price index rose 6.44 points to 1364.92 points, and the China Plastics spot index rose 1.44 points to 1312.02 points

I. upstream express:

under New York no harm consulting 1, the closing price of WTI futures in the use of commodity futures trading was $125.96 per barrel, up $2.27 from the previous trading day

the latest closing quotation of ethylene in Asia rose slightly, CFR Northeast Asia rose $10 to $per ton, and CFR Southeast Asia rose $15 to $per ton, which has the characteristics of high light transmittance, high haze, easy processing, light weight and so on

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yangzi Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7042; Today's price: 7042 at 13950 yuan/ton, 1802 at 14000 yuan/ton, 1801 at 13950 yuan/ton

Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE unit first-line production 2001, first-line production 7042; Today's price: 7042 at 13950 yuan/ton, 2001 at 14000 yuan/ton

Qilu Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7042; Today's ex factory price: 7042 at 13900 yuan/ton, qllp01 at 13900 yuan/ton

Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7042, and today's price is 7042 at 13850 yuan/ton

III. local market conditions:

the regional performance of PE market varies greatly. The atmosphere of PE market in South China is hot, and traders are enthusiastic about speculation. Since last weekend, high pressure has increased by 200-300 yuan/ton. The high pressure of PE market in East China rose slightly, while the performance of other brands was average and the transaction was average. There are rumors in the North China PE market today that Sinopec Beijing Branch LLDPE increased, LLDPE increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton, the high-pressure performance was average, and the price remained stable

the PE market atmosphere in Yuyao plastic city has cooled down, and the overall market has stopped rising and stabilized. Although the enthusiasm of traders has also declined and no longer hyped, due to the limited supply of goods in hand, there is no risk that the construction industry consumes about 1/4 of the total plastic production every year. They are calm and remain cautious and optimistic about the future market. Mainstream market price: LLDPE: yuan/ton

affected by the rise of PetroChina in Chengdu market, the quotation of merchants continues to rise. Under the situation of less goods in the market as a whole, merchants' reluctance to sell is more obvious. Lanhua 7042 is 14200 yuan/ton, and Zhongyuan 7050 is 14600 yuan/ton less

the overall transaction in Tianjin was flat, with 9020 authentic materials reported at yuan/ton, tax-free quotation of 13450 yuan/ton, 9085 authentic materials reported at 14150 yuan/ton, and 1875/1820 linear powder reported at yuan/ton

the quotation in Linyi market has weakened due to poor transactions at high prices. Yangzi 1802 has no tax declaration of RMB/ton, 701 TLS (5) 000i mechanical spring tension and compression testing machine 42 no tax declaration yuan/ton, Zhongyuan 7050 no tax declaration yuan/ton

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