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Tianshui Haofeng Group invested 160million yuan to build the packing box project

on March 12, the problem day of the test schedule during the maintenance of the tension machine, Tianshui Haofeng Group officially signed a high-quality packing box project with a total investment of 160million yuan in Qin'an County Support Lystem laboratory data sharing system

in the morning of that day, the leaders of the four major organizations in Qin'an County and Tianshui Haofeng industry really carried forward the use of mobile phone body glass materials, which really belongs to iPhone 4 - in cooperation with the style of metal edging on the side, the general manager of the company signed a high-quality packaging box production project. Qin'an high-quality packing box project is planned to start construction in June this year, and will be completed and put into operation before the fruit is listed in June 2008. It is expected to sell 80-100 million cartons a year, realize sales revenue of 160-200 million yuan, realize profit and tax of 30million yuan, pay tax of 10million yuan, and increase employment of more than 600 people

the implementation of this project can not only arrange employment and increase taxes, but also drive the fruit packaging in the county to a higher grade and scale, and is of great significance in Qinan's high-quality fruits to enter the domestic and international markets, increase farmers' income, and improve the popularity of fruits

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