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Tianyi cloud 3.0: create a cloud service that best matches government and enterprise users

Tianyi cloud 3.0 products and services were shocked and released. From left, Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Yang Jie, chairman of Chinatelecom, Xu Zhijun, rotating CEO of Huawei, and Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom witnessed this historical moment

recently, Chinatelecom and Huawei released Tianyi cloud 3.0 to redefine cloud services. As the China Cloud released by the national team for the needs of government and enterprise users, Tianyi cloud 3.0 can not only achieve cloud integration, but also be safe and reliable. Therefore, it is called the cloud service that best matches Chinese government and enterprise users. At present, with the development of cloud computing, big data, IOT and other technologies and applications, people's demand for cloud is increasing. For government and enterprise users, it is undoubtedly a great challenge to improve the performance and flexibility of cloud services while ensuring the security of cloud services. Relying on strong network resources, leading technology platform and rich deployment experience, Tianyi cloud 3.0 can provide Chinese government and enterprise users with products with lean matching, basic guarantee and exclusive security, and truly realize worry free access to the cloud

redefine deeply embrace the cloud era

with the comprehensive arrival of the cloud era, let's re-examine and define cloud services. The intelligent information age requires new infrastructure for cloud convergence. Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom, said at the Tianyi cloud 3.0 press conference that the intelligent information age puts forward higher requirements for infrastructure and requires the construction of ubiquitous, agile and on-demand intelligent networks. In this training time, operators and maintenance personnel can reach the level of independent operation; Under the trend, Chinatelecom put forward the ctnet2025 network reconstruction plan to realize the cloudization and softening of the basic network, and launched a new Tianyi cloud 3.0 product service

network is the foundation of cloud services. Tianyi cloud 3.0 adopts an innovative cloud integration mode, and provides the network to users as a configurable and on-demand service by building a network + cloud infrastructure of cloud management end collaboration and cloud integration. The cloud resource layout, which is closer to the real source of goods and more suitable for cross domain deployment, allows users to have one point of access, multi-point deployment and full service

security and credibility are important requirements for cloud services for government and enterprise users. Tianyi cloud 3.0 realizes the overall end-to-end security of networks, terminals, data, applications, management, services, etc. In terms of core products such as virtual machine and cloud storage, Tianyi cloud 3.0 has been comprehensively upgraded to meet the requirements of government and enterprise customers for high performance and high reliability of cloud products, as well as diversified application scenarios. At the same time, Chinatelecom has also actively carried out extensive cooperation with the industrial chain, built a security alliance with leading enterprises in various industries, and worked together to provide customers with all-round high-level security cloud services

exclusive customization is a major feature of Tianyi cloud 3.0. According to the practical needs of government and enterprise users, Tianyi cloud 3.0 can provide customized services from consulting, design, migration, implementation to maintenance. Users can freely choose various cloud service modes, including public cloud, exclusive cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud. Specifically, on the one hand, Tianyi cloud 3.0 builds an industry-specific cross domain network according to the application characteristics of different industries; On the other hand, Tianyi cloud 3.0 can provide on-demand access, on-demand bandwidth and other optional services, providing highly personalized configuration for users deployed across domains. It is worth mentioning that Chinatelecom also has a strong team of technical experts and an exclusive customer service team for government and enterprises. Through a perfect professional service system and rich practical experience, it realizes localized and personalized services. As one of the earliest and largest cloud services in China, Tianyi cloud has provided cloud and big data services for tens of thousands of government agencies, educational institutions, medical institutions, financial institutions, multinational corporations, mass entrepreneurship and innovation parks, large and medium-sized enterprises, families and individual customers around the world

the commitment and mission of the national team

the security and credibility of cloud services has always been the focus of the industry. As a basic telecom operator, Chinatelecom is a national team worthy of the name among cloud service providers, and will always provide Chinese users with the real mission and service of China cloud

Tianyi cloud 3.0 is based on the platform of completely independent intellectual property rights in China, and can provide users with a comprehensive three-dimensional security guarantee. Gao Tongqing said that Chinatelecom will give full play to the advantages of basic service operators, commit to the cooperation and integration of industrial chains, deeply integrate cloud services with the needs of various sub sectors through active cooperation with leading enterprises in vertical industry informatization, and provide planning consulting, cloud migration, customized development Operation and maintenance package. Through the overall security layout of network security, cloud resource security, platform application security, data security and operation security, work together with security partners to create a safe and reliable cloud service environment for the party, government, army and enterprises

cultivate Yuyao intelligent optoelectronic town

tianyiyun 3.0 will take safety as a system engineering. Wu Xiangdong, general manager of Chinatelecom cloud computing company, said that in order to provide a truly secure China cloud, Chinatelecom and Huawei have achieved independent research and development of cloud platform software and hardware, ensuring customer data and information security from the computer room, network, platform, service and operation levels. With the advantages of the operator's five-star computer room ring 2, the trace left on the surface during the experiment is very small, and the support is guaranteed to be level 3. At the same time, combined with Chinatelecom cloud embankment, Provide professional security services such as DDoS attack protection, domain name security protection, anti phishing, etc. In addition, Tianyi cloud 3.0 will take the safe handling of data and information as its mission, resolutely not explore the bottom data of customers, and concentrate on only services

at present, many government and enterprise customers have deployed applications on Tianyi cloud. Taking Jiaxing government affairs cloud as an example, Tianyi cloud gives full play to the advantages of local computer room, bandwidth and local operation and maintenance, and provides full process services including consulting, planning and integration to comprehensively support the delivery of Jiaxing Telecom government affairs cloud services. Jiaxing government cloud successfully broke the departmental information barrier, achieved full access to five counties and two districts, and gradually migrated 56 businesses from 16 departments to the government cloud platform, realizing resource sharing and data information exchange. Relevant data show that after the system was put into the cloud, the IT investment of Jiaxing government decreased by 30%, and the government business achieved high availability while ensuring continuity

strong forces work together with Huawei

Chinatelecom and Huawei jointly released Tianyi cloud 3.0, which is another wonderful demonstration of strong forces working together. Chinatelecom's strong network and channel resources, high-quality service capabilities and the credibility of state-owned enterprises, together with Huawei's world-leading technical capabilities, support capabilities, and rich global deployment experience, have given Chinese government and enterprise users confidence to go to the cloud

as a traditional telecom operator, Chinatelecom has unique advantages in the cloud service market. In 2012, Chinatelecom took the lead in establishing the first operator level cloud computing company in China. At present, it has two cloud bases in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou, four cloud data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, and has the end-to-end data ability to reach the world. As the largest IDC service provider and broadband network service provider in China, Chinatelecom has more than 300 data centers, more than 100 million broadband users and rich network resources, providing a solid foundation and guarantee for the development of cloud services

tianyiyun 3.0 has deeply cultivated the government and enterprise market. In addition to its strong advantages in network resources and channels, it also benefits from the rich experience accumulated by Chinatelecom in government and enterprise customer service. Over the years, Chinatelecom has deeply understood the business needs and development strategies of government and enterprise customers, and has 60000 key account managers and 80000 service support experts to ensure that it provides one-stop, localized and high-quality services for government and enterprise customers across the country. At the same time, based on the credibility of state-owned enterprises, Chinatelecom has the ability to provide guarantee commitments for customer data and information security

as the world's leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, Huawei adheres to continuous innovation and has unique advantages in it and cloud computing R & D technology. In 2010, Huawei released its annual cloud computing strategy, continued to strengthen its investment, set up R & D centers in Shenzhen, Xi'an, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places, carried out capacity layout in the field of IT technology in research institutes in the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia and other places, cooperated with top scientific research institutions in the industry, continuously enhanced its innovation ability and core competitiveness, and has the end-to-end independent research and development ability in the field of cloud computing. At the same time, in terms of active innovation, ultimate products and customer service, Huawei is at the forefront of the advanced concepts of domestic enterprise innovation and customer service

Chinatelecom and Huawei share common strategies and concepts in cloud computing. In the view of Xu Zhijun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, the release of tianyiyun 3.0 is a new start. Based on strategic cooperation, Chinatelecom and Huawei will combine Chinatelecom's understanding and service advantages in networking, IDC, connectivity, and government enterprise applications with Huawei's strong R & D and innovation capabilities and the experience of service enterprises and governments, and work together with partners in the industrial chain to create a Innovative cloud service products

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