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Tianshui, Gansu Province repaired bridge cracks with carbon fiber cloth

recently, the reinforcement and reconstruction projects of 14 bridges implemented by Tianshui Highway general section have been completed successively, and the construction of wangfuliang tunnel renovation and maintenance project and Yingchuan River Bridge Reinforcement and reconstruction project are being stepped up for this purpose

this year, the Tianshui highway total section invested more than 5.3 million yuan to strengthen and transform the dangerous and old bridges and culverts on the national and provincial trunk roads under its management. There was a series of chain reactions caused by overload. So far, 14 dangerous bridges and 3 culverts, including Longfeng bridge on Niubei road of gz045 line, Guangji Bridge on Tianlong road of G316 line, and Guanzi bridge, have been fully completed. In this section, reinforcement measures such as pasting carbon fiber cloth on the main beam, repairing T-beam cracks, replacing expansion joints and handrails have effectively improved the maintenance quality of bridges and culverts. At the same time, the construction workers worked overtime to speed up the construction progress of the project. The implementation of these projects will effectively improve the driving safety factor of bridges and culverts and the highway traffic capacity

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