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"Heavenly eye" helps! Fuling first launched unmanned aerial vehicles to help ban planting and shovel drugs

China can reduce emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. On March 24, the climate warmed up, which is the rapid growth period of opium poppy, marijuana and other original drug plants. In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of opium poppy prohibition in spring and ensure the realization of the goals of "zero cultivation" and "zero production", during the epidemic prevention and control period, the police in our region for the first time used large unmanned aerial vehicles to detect drug cultivation and carry out publicity on the prohibition of planting and shoveling of drug raw crops

in Juntian village, Mawu Town, two policemen from the District Drug Control Office are operating large-scale drones to broadcast anti drug Doggerels through high-altitude speakers to publicize the prohibition of planting and shoveling drugs. At the same time, the police also conducted video inspections to check the original plants of drugs such as Poppy seedlings through the production of man-machine cameras that are more in line with market demand

in addition to using drones for high-altitude propaganda and video patrols, town and village cadres and anti drug volunteers also went deep into the fields, farmers' yards and dams to carry out prohibited planting inspections and distribute publicity materials. In the process of change, it is respectively connected with the oil suction chamber and the oil discharge chamber

it is understood that since March, 27 townships in the region have organized a total of more than 600 person times of anti seed and anti drug inspection in this period, and a total of more than 20 unmanned aerial vehicles have been dispatched to investigate and publicize, and 15000 anti seed and anti drug leaflets have been issued

(Xia Lei)

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