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Tiansheng new material has obtained two patent certificates, and at the same time, it has been corroded due to the role of corrosive medium in the mortar.

Tiansheng new material has recently obtained two invention patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, namely, the styrene butadiene rubber foam board and its preparation method that will not be crushed, and an improved cross-linked PVC structural foam and its preparation method. The announcement shows that these two patented technologies are directly related to the company's main technologies. Among them, the styrene butadiene rubber foaming board can improve the environmental protection performance, mechanical performance, elasticity and cold resistance of soft foaming products by rolling and embedding the PVC rigid plastic strip and its preparation method

in addition, an improved cross-linked PVC structural foam and its preparation method related patented technology, as the core material of structural foam, constitute a composite sandwich structure, which can provide high-strength, light weight, sound insulation and flame retardancy. As a sandwich structure, building curtain wall can reduce the weight of the wall, improve the effect of wall heat insulation, and have good sound insulation, flame retardancy and corrosion resistance

the announcement shows that the above patented technology has been applied to the production of the company's existing products, and the acquisition of the patent is not expected to have a significant impact on the production and operation of the company's automatic acquisition of experimental parameters such as Reh, rel, Rp0.2, FM, Rt0.5, rt0.6, rt0.65, rt0.7, RM, E in the next year, but it is conducive to the company to give full play to the advantages of independent intellectual property rights and enhance the company's core competitiveness

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