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Tianwen Ctrip customized the smart education cloud solution for the "three links and two platforms"

in order to solve the uneven economic development of various provinces and cities in China, education in various regions is facing problems such as unfair education, education enterprises need to break through the previous thinking mode of manufacturing, sales and service, uneven sharing of education resources, and difficult centralized education management. With the promotion of the Ministry of education, the construction of three links and two platforms is in full swing, especially in the economically underdeveloped western region, which is the focus of the national three links and two platforms education informatization construction. Among them, the construction of three links and two platforms in toxon County in Western China is a typical representative

tuokesun county is subordinate to Turpan City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The construction of the central computer room of the local education bureau lags behind, with only three server equipment, which is not enough to support the rapid development of educational informatization. In addition, the application of educational informatization is only limited to the multimedia teaching level in the classroom, and the application mode is single. In the teaching content and teaching process, multimedia teaching in the form of PPT cannot meet the needs of diversified teaching modes such as flipped classroom, maker education, one-on-one teaching, etc. Education management, education teaching, teaching research and other core business support systems for education have not been built, and cannot form systematic, large-scale and normalized applications, resulting in the low contribution rate of education informatization to the improvement of education research and education teaching quality. At the same time, the County Education Bureau 6. Safety protection device: overload protection shutdown, daily school work, we have seen that Kesi Chuang's pursuit of innovation and the seriousness and persistence of details are still in the paper age. The circulation, approval, notice and announcement of relevant official documents need to be printed, circulated and stored in paper documents, which is inefficient and inconvenient to manage

more importantly, the previous education informatization construction lacked top-level planning, resulting in the mutual independence of infrastructure, education resources and system platforms, and inconsistent standards and specifications. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a complete "three connections and two platforms" scheme to connect various education modules and resources, and solve the problem of education informatization construction from the top-level planning and system architecture level

in view of the above situation, Tianwen digital media and Huawei have provided customers with an overall solution of smart education cloud. The program was jointly developed by Tianwen digital media and Huawei and officially released in 2015. Based on hardware + software + resources + services + operations, it builds the ability of educational institutions' own data centers and effectively solves the problem of educational informatization construction

with this scheme, Tianwen digital media and Huawei have integrated software and hardware resources from the top-level design to provide customers with an end-to-end three-way and two platform information architecture and system

smart education cloud overall solution

the smart education cloud overall solution of TOXON county mainly has the following four advantages:

hardware environment: Based on the computing resources, storage resources, network and security virtualization platform of Huawei infrastructure layer, build a county school multi-level architecture from the central machine room of toxon County Education Bureau, education metropolitan area, class to class communication equipment, etc The basic operating environment supporting all business applications

software environment: through software platforms such as education management, resource management, teaching application and space system, build an application product system of teaching, learning and management that comprehensively covers the whole county, and stimulate deep-seated application needs

content resources: it has built a basic education resource system covering the whole stage and discipline of basic education, providing customization and development services of high-quality resources, and an open platform architecture to support the integration and integration of customers' existing resources and third-party high-quality resources

operation + Service: support the localized operation of tuokesun middle County, set up branches in tuokesun County, arrange personnel in hardware operation and maintenance, software development, application training, education consulting, operation support, project management, technical services and other aspects, and provide 7 * 24-hour one-stop services for users everywhere

Yu Zhongcheng, vice president of Tianwen digital media, said that the education informatization project in TOXON county was jointly built by Tianwen digital media and Huawei. Both sides will continue to provide iterative updates of solutions to users' needs and business modules, and continue to conduct in-depth testing and optimization of solutions to ensure that the solutions are perfect, stable and reliable

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