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Tianshan rural commercial bank and caring enterprises donated streetlights to "light up the rural road"

Tianshan rural commercial bank and caring enterprises donated streetlights to "light up the rural road"

10:40 source: Xinjiang perspective

original title: Tianshan Rural Commercial Bank and caring enterprises donated streetlights to "light up the rural road"

(correspondent: Houkang) on the evening of November 18, a newly installed solar streetlights lit up on both sides of the winding cement Village Road in Daban village, The dark night sky was bright, and the street lights were like a pearl necklace, which became a beautiful scenery in the village

from now on, LAN Xiuhong, a villager in Daban village in her 60s, will no longer have to walk in the dark. The solar street lamp jointly donated by the village team of Tianshan rural commercial bank and Xinjiang Yuhai Investment Co., Ltd. illuminates LAN Xiuhong's way home. "It's convenient to walk in the future, and you can go out for a stroll in the evening," Lan Xiuhong said happily, looking at the bright street lamp in front of her home

In Daban village, there are ten newly built street lamps. With the rest of the street lamps, nearly 40 solar street lamps in the village light up rural roads

according to Zhou Jinping, the first secretary and team leader of Daban village working team of Tianshan rural commercial bank's "visit Huiju" station and the load can no longer rise, there are street lights on the main roads in the village, but some remote tunnels have not been installed, which affects the travel of villagers. To this end, Tianshan rural commercial bank actively communicated with socially minded enterprises, and soon Xinjiang Yuhai Investment Co., Ltd. responded

mayuhai, general manager of Xinjiang Yuhai Investment Co., Ltd., told that the company is a local jewelry and jade enterprise that integrates production and sales. It has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with Tianshan rural commercial bank. This time, I heard that the village where the village team is located needs to install street lamps. After discussion, I decided to donate 10 and repair 12 street lamps for the village. It is understood that in addition to building infrastructure in Dabancheng, the company has also donated kindergartens and public toilets in southern Xinjiang

it is understood that this year is the second year of the village working team of Tianshan rural commercial bank. The village working team actively solves practical problems for the villagers. "In addition to building street lights, we also invested in the construction of 'Blue Lotus fitness square' at the junction of the third and fourth teams of Daban village. With the help of this fitness square, the surrounding villagers can come here for exercise, leisure and entertainment in their spare time. At the same time, we also built electronic displays, canals and other infrastructure." Zhou Jinping said that the village based team gave full play to its own advantages and coordinated and contacted enterprises. This year, with the help of Tianshan rural commercial bank, Xinjiang Huangchao Hotel Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Yuhai Investment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises came to Daban village to show their love

At the same time, Tianshan rural commercial bank and Daban village actively promote the "national unity and one family" matchmaking activities. At present, leaders at all levels of Tianshan rural commercial bank and team members stationed in the village have made a total of 65 matchmaking in Daban village

in order to enrich the spare time life of the villagers in Daban village, the working team invited the "four elders" in the village to the canteen of the village committee on the second day of the lunar new year to carry out the activities of "Celebrating the Spring Festival" and making dumplings; On the March 8th women's day, the village team invited the state but there was a certain difficulty in the implementation of the external wall self insulation system. First class actor Ma Liangyu and his "Silk Road echo" Art Troupe, as well as members of the autonomous region acrobatic troupe, presented a rich literary and artistic feast to the villagers; In order to solve the problem of villagers' production and development in this village, the task force visited and investigated the forest and fruit growers, farmers and agricultural product processors in the area, and invited experts to train the farmers

in the future, the working team of Tianshan rural commercial bank in Daban village will continue to strictly implement the general goal of the focus of the Party committee of the autonomous region. Under the correct leadership of Urumqi municipal Party committee, Dabancheng district Party committee and Daban Town Government, it will closely cooperate with the village committees and coordinate with each other, so as to do good things for the people run by all ethnic villages, and contribute its own strength to the economic construction and national unity of Daban village

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