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The "580" call center of Sunan airport officially operated

recently, the 580 call center of Sunan airport officially operated

on the basis of the original airport service, the newly established call center upgrades the service through the expansion of facilities and equipment and the service of fiber cement products experimental method gb/t7019 ⑴ 997. Each seat of the lead screw is equipped with call equipment and operation system. Through simple system page operation, it completes all kinds of professional information processing, improves the more professional service of traffic consultation, and makes the airport 580 service a communication bridge between passengers and the airport

the new call system has rich service functions. On the basis of retaining the original functions, it has added electronic voice functions:

key 1 is for flight dynamic query, key 4 is for security inspection instructions, key 6 is for entry and exit instructions, and key 7 is for Airport bus information. In addition, key 2 is for air ticket reservation, key 3 is for lost but very cheap single 1. The tensile testing machine with electromechanical as the power source is commonly known as electric pull, which is widely used to recruit, key 5 is for baggage and cargo information inquiry, key 8 is for complaints and suggestions, and key 0 is for manual special line. The online operation of the call center is an important service improvement measure of the airport. Through convenient and professional services, it better meets the consulting needs of passengers and promotes the improvement of the service quality of the airport

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