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"SM" 50th anniversary celebration: release the passion for innovation and change

"SM" 50th anniversary celebration: release the passion for innovation and change

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Guide: at the beginning of 2008, the SM brand with a 50 year history opened another new chapter in its brave and brilliant course due to its incorporation into Doosan group. In 2008, it is also the 50th anniversary of the birth of this great invention, the predecessor of lynx melroe skid steer loader. For 50 years, SM has always been

at the beginning of 2008, the brand of "SM" with a history of 50 years opened another new chapter in its brave and brilliant history due to its incorporation into Doosan group. In 2008, it is also the 50th anniversary of the birth of the great invention of "SM" melroe, the predecessor of skid steer loader. Over the past 50 years, "SM" has always been a symbol of vitality and determination to forge ahead. Through continuous innovation and change, it passionately releases its brave and agile potential and leads the development and change of small equipment in the world. Today's "SM" is not only a well-known brand, but also a brand that makes people proud of choosing it

there is no doubt that 2008 is an important moment for the SM family, and the course of the 50th anniversary is worth celebrating and reviewing in detail; Incorporated into the new parent company Doosan group, it has launched a new world of brave leaps for SM, which has always been enterprising. Therefore, in 2008, "SM" held a celebration of "the 50th anniversary of passion release, added Zheng Daqing, senior vice president of BASF Greater China business and market development worldwide". The word "passion release" is the keyword of "SM" in 2008, which frequently appears in the communication between "SM" employees, dealers and users. It not only explains the past of "SM", but also predicts the future of "SM". In 1958, melroe, the first "SM" small loader, launched a new industry as soon as it was launched. The beginning of the story looks very simple. A farmer put forward his wish to use small equipment on his turkey farm, and "SM" helped him achieve this wish. However, today, "SM" is still developing more new products that adapt to all kinds of more difficult environments and operate more quickly and conveniently through technological change and innovation to meet the increasing wishes and needs of our users. Over the years, SM has driven the success of a number of dealers and customers around the world. The success of dealers stems from the fact that the digital display electronic universal testing machine is suitable for users who only seek force value, tensile strength, compressive strength and other relevant data to provide customers with correct model selection and maintenance support. The success of users can release their potential by using "SM" equipment, work better, faster and smarter, operate independently and realize themselves

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration, we look forward to celebrating the celebration of "50 years of passion release" with you, our distributors, users, employees and other "SM" lovers. Each of us is passionate about "SM". Let's share the stories of the past 50 years and look forward to a better future. For more information about the history and product details of "SM", as well as the "passion release" series of activities of SM, please visit the website

in every quarter, "SM" has the activity of "50 years of passion release". In January of the first quarter of 2008, "SM" held a public relations event in the United States to celebrate and publicly launch the small tractor series with industry insiders and media. In March, "SM" held a grand exhibition at CONEXPO construction machinery exhibition in Las Vegas. Thank you for helping "SM" grow into today's world brand. On the occasion of Bauma China 2008, please review the glorious history of "SM" with us

"SM" especially the formation of brands such as toothed rod guide wheel and oil liquid

after the invention of sliding loader, melroe manufacturing company decided to give it a name commensurate with its unique personality. With a new name, new logo and new color scheme, melroe loader has a new identity - it has become a symbol of American style achievement

at a meeting, the melroe family tried to find a title that was more palatable than "melroe self-propelled loader", a title that could not only express its sliding performance, but also be familiar to the public. SYL melroe, the advertising manager of melroe company at that time, went to Minneapolis to make a pamphlet introducing the loader. On that day, the title of skid steer loader was determined

when discussing two emerging markets for loader applications, the idea of painting the machine white came into being. These two markets are fertilizer plants and dairy farms respectively, and white just looks clean and hygienic. The next step is to name it. In this meeting, they searched for animal names in the dictionary, such as lion, tiger, puma, leopard, and finally found SM. That dictionary describes SM as "ferocious, agile and vigorous", which is exactly what they want

then identification. The art director spent a little more than an hour designing the original logo, which is the one shown in the upper right corner. Think about it, such an enduring brand design can be designed in less than 3 or 4 hours, which is unthinkable today

"SM" logo evolution process

"SM" brilliant process

in 1958, Louis, Cyril Keller and melroe brothers developed the first product melroe M60 three wheel loader - the predecessor of skid steer loader

melroe M60 three wheel loader - the predecessor of skid steer loader

in 1960, melroe manufacturing company manufactured the world's first skid steer loader M-400

the world's first skid steer loader M-400 manufactured by melroe manufacturing company

in 1962, m440 used the trademark "SM" for the first time

in 1970, m970 "Bobcat" - the first static pressure sliding loader

in 1971, M371 "mini Bobcat" - the smallest skid steer loader in the world

1973, "Bobcat" - the first safety film for skid steer loaders

in 1981, SM seat fixing rod as a secondary restraint system was introduced

in 1987, "SM" 980 is the largest skid steer loader in the world, with a rated working capacity of 4000 pounds, and adopts 1080 logging and stacking machine frame

in 1989, SM manufactured the first small excavator in the United States

in 1990, the "Bobcat" operating sensing system (boss) - the most advanced self diagnosis and monitoring system at that time, was introduced into the 50 series

in 1993, the first SM product operator training course was launched

in 1994, SM interlock control system was introduced. Unless the operator sits in the cabin and lowers the seat fixing rod, the actions such as raising, tipping and dragging the transmission will be locked

in 1999, luxury instrument panels were available, with 7 language options, keyless start-up, and display key operation information

in 2001, "SM" a220 - the world's first loader with integrated wheel and sliding operation

in 2003, "tool cat" 5600 engineering vehicle is the first vehicle of the same type that integrates the functions of construction loader, pickup truck and auxiliary carrier

in 2003, the "SM" 430 and 435 base zero return (ZHS) excavators were launched

in 2003, the optional control lever (SJC) was introduced as an alternative function for skidders and compact crawler loaders

in 2004, the mt52 Mini crawler loader was launched, which was equipped with a load-bearing platform for the first time to facilitate disassembly during hand operation

mt52 Mini crawler loader

in 2004, SM 2200 was the first engineering vehicle with intellitrak drive system, equipped with automatic differential lock, and the wheels engaged immediately after losing traction

in 2005, the speed regulation function was introduced, which can make the loader travel speed meet the operating requirements during operation

in 2006, SM 2300 engineering vehicle was launched, equipped with rapidlink connection system

SM 2300 engineering vehicle

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