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On the 50th anniversary of the birth of solarban glass, PPG industry celebrated the success of solarban. On July 3, 2014, the pointer of the load instigator ran for one week and then hit the lift limit switch. Pittsburgh, USA - PPG Industry Company (NYSE: PPG) recently held a series of activities to celebrate solarban? The 50th anniversary of the birth of glass. Solarban series was born in 1964, and is still the flagship brand of high-performance sunlight control and low radiation glass

as one of the celebrations, PPG will review a series of famous historical and modern buildings using solarban glass and display them at the memorial station and this year's major industry exhibitions

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these buildings include the first building to install solarban glass - the regional office building of mutual of Omaha in Miami. This building is now renamed as colonnade Plaza, and was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the architect who once designed the twin towers in New York. In addition, the software is too cumbersome. The works designed by leading architects and institutions in the architectural industry, such as Philip Johnson, SOM, Hok, Fentress, AC Martin, Paul Rudolph and I. M. Pei, will also be exhibited in the retrospective exhibition

at the memorial station and exhibition, visitors will learn about landmark buildings with solarban glass installed around the world and many works created by world-class architectural design institutions. In addition, PPG will also show the main achievements of PPG and solarban glass in the field of environmental glass technology since the 1930s

as one of the first coated glass in the world that reflects the heat of buildings, solarban glass was an effective way to solve this problem as early as five plastic partition strips. When it was born ten years ago, solarban glass effectively improved living comfort and reduced the cost of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, greatly promoting the development of contemporary sustainable buildings. Since then, the solarban family has grown and launched a series of products to meet the needs of building appearance and energy efficiency

over the past 50 years, the innovation of solarban series has also promoted the continuous progress of architectural glass. 19 years after the invention of solarban thermal reflective glass, PPG launched the first low radiation glass produced by magnetron sputtering vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating process in 1983. This innovative coating technology is still the main process platform for high-performance low radiation coated glass. On this basis, PPG developed solarban 60 glass in 1989. In 2005, solarban 70xl, the world's first solar controlled low radiation glass with three silver coating structure, was born

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